Monday, January 07, 2008

Stupid Filter

Have you heard about Stupid Filter yet?

It's real.

Or at least it's on the way. It's a computer program that is intended to filter out stupid stuff. OK, not really, it doesn't get stupid content or meanings. Instead it gets stuff that is stupid in style. You can be as moronic as you like, if you say it with full sentences and correct punctuation.

The way it works (when it is finished) is that they first collected tens of thousands of comments from YouTube, and if you've spent much time around YouTube, you know that it wasn't a difficult task. Then, they have humans go through and rate the comments from 1 to 5 with 5 being the most inane. The next step is the techie part. They do a statistical analysis upon all the really idiotic comments to look for structural similarities; and then future comments that match the statistical profile go poof! Filtered away. Apparently, it's the same basic technology used for spam filtering.

You can volunteer to rate comments on the stupid scale if you want by going here. However, there is a test. You must know the difference between "there", "their", and "they're," among other things.

My favorite part is the Randomized Stupidity. It basically lets you scroll through their database, viewing comments that have already been rated. I put some highly rated ones below.

Personally, I think they need to create the Jerk Alert. Those guys are even worse than the idiots. You know the ones who attack videos of 6 year-olds, use a gay joke about every third comment, declare how lame someone's mother is, and just act like the vermin trolls they love to be when anonymous.

Yeah, I think there's a future here. Or is that, "eye think their'z a fewture hear?"

Unfortunately, the stupid filter might just wipe this blog out.

Stupid according to a person at the Stupid Filter (there are some far worse ones, but I filtered out all the racist and homophobe junk):
1) wow.......thats like so werid lol but i realy liked it nways lol
2) very funny foo ubentu..
3) England=Football,not bloody soccer!!!we call our phones a mobile, coz that's what they bloody well are!! Maradona(Maradoughnut)=cheatin bastard!!! LOL!!
5) best atill remains song ever my favourite since the worst is yet to come love the slight genre change

My question is: What's wrong with a period every now and then?


Church Lady said...

All this time I thought *I* was the stupid.
I'm glad they have a stupid test though. I wonder what score I'll get...

Ello said...

I'm afraid of the stupid test...

moonrat said...

umm, can i get a stupid filter for my slush pile?

McKoala said...

peryods are obsoleet hadnt you herd in fact all forms of punkyouashun inclooding capitals unless you are showting and speling is out to everithing eksept eksclamashun marks and its ok to use as many of those as you want like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin S. said...

Love the test idea! What a hoot.

Sadly, I think lots of people would have trouble passing. Lots.

Ooooh, moonrat, tell us more about 'the stupid filter and the slush pile'. It could be like a fairy tale. It might make the rest of us feel all warm and fuzzy!!!

pacatrue said...

moonrat, if you take electronic submissions, you might be able to actually. Yikes!

verri naisely done 'oala totally understud wut u wr sayn yknw wht i mean i thnk u dew


Robin S. said...

Oooh - vermin trolls. I like that.
Thanks, paca, for the new thing to call bad drivers as I'm fighting my way in traffic today.