Saturday, February 16, 2008

Beef and broccoli recipe

OK, time for another recipe. This is the Chinese beef and broccoli that you can get from a million Chinese take-outs and restaurants. It comes out edible almost every time, so it's time to post the recipe. I assume you could put in other meats and other vegies and just use the sauce if you like neither beef nor broccoli.

First off, the recipe is based upon the one here, so you may want to read it. However, I've modified it a fair bit now, so here is the new version. I might even try to write it up all recipe-style like.

1 lb. of beef sliced thin (stir fry beef from store works fine if you aren't a slicer)
A crown of broccoli
Other vegies as desired: The recipe only calls for broc., but I've added zucchini to fine effect and mushrooms would be good surely.
garlic powder

4 TB soy sauce
2 TB oyster sauce
2 TB hoisin sauce (all of these are useful for stir-frying generally so you probably don't need to spend 4 bucks just to use 2 TB and then toss them away)
2 TB water

2-3 tsp corn starch
2 TB water

1 c. Rice
1 3/4 c. water

How to Cook

Cook the rice:
Cook some rice however you like. Rice cooker, steamer, or, for me, rice in water in a covered sauce pan. Bring to a boil, cover, turn to low, and wait about 20 minutes.

Prep the sauce and thickener:

Put all sauce ingredients into a small bowl and mix. Do the same with the corn starch thickener. The sauce can sit just fine while you do the rest. You will likely want to re-stir the thickener before using as the corn starch will settle.

Prep and cook the broccoli:

Wash the crown and then slice thin. You can use more stalk than you typically might because you will be slicing right through the stalk a couple times, making it fairly thin. When I prep broccoli normally, I typically just cut off the little flowerettes. Think more vertically here. Just slice right through it.

Boil some water. Toss the broccoli in when boiling and cook for just maybe 4 minutes until it turns bright green. It's thin and will cook fast. When done, pour the broccoli out into a colander and set aside. Don't just let it sit in the water.

Cook the beef:

In a wok or skillet, pour half a cup of oil and bring to a medium-high heat. (If you look at the original recipe, they use a whole cup of oil, so I'm Mr. Healthy! You know, it might work to just fry the meat up in a couple TBs. With enough sauce you probably won't notice much difference, but I've always followed the recipe so far.) Cook the beef in the oil until it turns brown on all sides. Wait about a minute more. Then remove the beef from the oil with a slotted spoon and put into a bowl.

Put it all together:

Pour all the beef oil out in some appropriate way. If you own your place, you would discard in a bucket or pour a little bit with a hot stream of water into the sink. If you rent, just dump it at once down the drain. Wipe the wok briefly and return to medium-high heat.

Add 2 TB cooking oil to wok. At heat, add the broccoli to the wok. Add the beef to the wok. Sprinkle some garlic powder (or minced garlic) in. Add the sauce. Stir around a bit so that some sauce is getting on all the food. Make a well in the middle of the wok and add the thickener. Wait a sec, then stir it all together. Keep stirring until it's all hot.

Put some rice on a plate; ladle some of the dish on top. Consume.

If you compare with the original recipe, the major changes are: 1) I boil the broccoli so that two things can happen at once; 2) I've doubled the sauce; 3) I use 1/3 oyster 1/3 soy and 1/3 hoisin while the original was 1/2 oyster and 1/2 soy with no hoisin. It's slightly sweet but not overly (N hates sweet entrees). The primary health things are probably the method of cooking the beef and all the salt in soy sauce.


Robin S. said...

Damn, paca.

Tell N I'm jealous, please.

I love my husband all to pieces, but there are only so many times I can eat an omelet, which is his only dish.

Ello said...

You know I have never made stir fry at home! I always thought you needed a wok or something. Ok - actually I do have a wok but I guess I just don't want to use it!

This sounds like a relatively easy recipe. I am copying and will try it out. (I don't know when, but one day soon!) I'll let you know how I did! Thanks for your recipe posts! I love them!

Haem said...

I usually garlic+black bean sauce (蒜頭豆豉醬) instead of Hoisin sauce...

pacatrue said...

Robin s: jealous. Check.

Haem: black bean and garlic, check. Do you still have the oyster with the black bean?

Ello: I'm no master of stir frying either. This isn't really a true stir-fry either, because you oil-boil the beef, boil the broc, and then just mix it all together. It is fairly easy though. I hope it turns out alright.

Ello said...

Sounds pretty stir fry to me! I'll definitely try it! Thanks!

Haem said...

Yah I still use the black bean with oyster.
One trick is that I cook the black bean sauce before I dump in the beef -- it smells better.