Friday, February 15, 2008

Buck Rogers Drinking Game

Apparently, this has turned into nostalgia Friday, but it isn't my fault.

This evening I was doing dishes while B and N were in bed watching random things on the computer. They apparently finished the most recent episode of the anime Bleach (that's a reference there for Moonrat) and then somehow N next found Comcast putting out episodes of the old Buck Rogers in the 25th Century TV Show that were made from 1979-1981 and lived in reruns for most of the 80s. To get B interested I told him to watch out for Twiki, the robot, who would say "Bidi bidi bidi."

A couple minutes later as I was scrubbing a pot, B yells, "Daddy, I saw the robot!"

"Good," I respond. "Has he said 'bidi bidi bidi' yet?"

"Not yet."

The pot is finished and as I dig macaroni and cheese from the dish drainer, I suddenly hear, "Daddy, he said 'bidi bidi bidi!'"

"Yippee, everybody take a drink," I declared. "Chocolate milk, I guess."

Doesn't Buck Rogers seem made for a drinking game?

By the way, it appears that Captain Kirk has nothing on Buck Rogers. Every woman who was ever in the room with Buck for more than about 2 minutes hit on the guy. The only difference seems to be that Kirk always accepted the pass.

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ChristineEldin said...

I have never watched Buck Rodgers, I'm sorry to say. I missed a lot in my youth.
But I loved Star Trek!

Very cute story!!!

(stop staring at my butt)