Sunday, February 10, 2008

Classic Paca 2

Classic Paca 2 from 2006. 'oala was around for this continuation, and I think December as well. But other EE buddies, other than EE, might not have seen it. I was actually looking for my very first EE continuation in a fit of nostalgia, since it's the only creative writing I do, but I can't find it with a search. I'd have to browse all the archives and my nostalgia isn't that stong.

And here was my other musical EE continuation.

Here we go, New Beginning #8 from July 26, 2008 was my first *continuation*. As I remember the very first two sentences in blue are mine and the rest is EE. Been hanging around there a while apparently.


McKoala said...

Ah, musical memories. I remember both of those.

Searching the EE archives is hard work. I tried to find my first ever post once and got bored very quickly. I never did find it.

pacatrue said...

That first post of mine was sometime in 2006; I wonder if you and I have spent two years on EE's blog yet. Wait, no, looks like he started in April. Getting close to the anniversary though.

Robin S. said...

Paca, have you checked your email, sweetie?

Please check your email as soon as you can - the one you used when you explained to me how to get into that game thingie.

I love love love these muscial bits- I missed all of this stuff.
And I liked your fuck-me shoes opening. Back in the day, we called them CFM's, (come fuck me's.) That was a scream.

pacatrue said...

Hi Robin, I have now. Looks like fine.

To clear things up, I only wrote the continuation to everything I linked, not the original, so I can take no credit for the shoes. The only thing left even in my continuation was the first two sentences. It wasn't a glorious beginning for me.

McKoala said...

Bless EE's little cotton socks, he looked up my first continuation for me:

1 August 2006 - you just beat me 'true!