Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Garlic and funny

Two questions:

1) There's a classic bit of internet humor that has little cartoons and profiles of the classic participants in an internet discussion with the bomb thrower, the guru, etc. I think I even linked it on my blog some time in the last three years. Anybody know what I am talking about and can give a hint on how to search for it?

2) We've got oodles of garlic cloves in our cabinets. Any recipe ideas? At, oh, 12 cloves of garlic per head, we must have... something higher than 144 cloves to use up. (Don't we stop memorizing our multiplication tables at 12x12? Ok, ok, you're all going to make me prove that I can do higher math in my head, so 156, 168, 170,... there; happy now?)


McKoala said...

I think there is a French recipe for garlic soup. That might do it.

McKoala said...

Yum. Try this and then don't talk to anyone for days:

Chumplet said...

I heard about a forty clove roast chicken.

Ello said...

spinach and garlic saute

penne with vodka sauce - use lots of crushed garlic with the crushed tomatos - delish!

My favorite is when you roast a head of garlic soft and then you smear it on toasted bread like its garlic butter. Unbelievably stanky but good!

bunnygirl said...

Funny how the universe works. One of my favorite culinary blogs posted this tonight:

I second the recommendation of spinach/garlic sautee. And you can also make a nice snack by rubbing a full head of garlic (paper on) with olive oil, twisting it up in some foil and baking until soft. The individual cloves will squeeze out nicely in a sort of paste and you can squeeze them onto crackers or french bread with goat cheese.

December/Stacia said...

Yep, I was going to suggest the 40-clove roast chicken too.