Sunday, February 10, 2008

How I spent my day

We were up around 7 this morning. After goofing off for a bit, I made it to the stove where I cooked up some breakfast sausages and "toad in a holes." Do others use this term? You cut a circle out of a slice of bread, put some butter in a pan, toss the hole-y bread in, and then add the egg in the middle. Pretty good, but really heavy. One slice did the trick.

I think we then continued our "recovery from being sick" work, meaning we cleaned house for a couple hours. Today's task was the living room. Straighten the kitchen up again and we could have people over without embarassment. Yippee!

Around 10:30 we headed out for the Big Purchase. N's computer died a few weeks ago and so we have been investigating replacements. We picked up the new item today. Apparently B has spent much of the day watching the PBS Kids show SuperWhy on it. Due to this show, we all spend a lot of time now spinning in circles and transforming into various superheroes -- all of us, at B's instructions. Mostly we turn into Narnia characters. I apparently transform into Peter, which is a step up because I used to always be Bad King Miraz. B is always, always Prince Caspian unless he's transforming into "people", which I think is a regular mortal.

After the Purchase, I dropped everyone off at home and headed to campus for my first (and I am not kidding about this) full day of work in my office this entire semester.

Today's major project was creating a script in an acoustic software program called Praat. The program is free, but unless you are doing acoustics work, I can't think of what you'd do with it. But, hey, have at it! So my little program in the software take a series of sound files in a directory, loads them into the software, matches them with a new intonation pattern I'd previously created, resynthesizes the speech with the new intonation, and then writes the sound file back out. As of 8:00 PM tonight, it's actually working. Tomorrow I have to present the ideas to my only scheduled class.

After scripting was done, I spent an hour and some happily informing a couple authors that their papers were to be accepted pending certain edits. Our acceptance rate is around 9%, so I spend most of my time writing the other type of letter. By the way, much of academic editing seems to be the same as fiction editing. More than half of our manuscripts don't even fit the guidelines we supply for every author about what we publish. The journal is about language and technology and yet we routinely get papers that have nothing to do with technology at all, and sometimes not even language.

Finally, after that, I reviewed the phonetic text for teaching tomorrow's class. I've been befuddling them over the last couple classes about voicing in consonants (that stuff I talked about a bit in a blogpost last week, but in more detail). I think I can get them over the befuddled hump tomorrow and then it's on to fricatives (s, z, th, f, v), nasals (m, n, ng), and approximants (w, y, r, l). This should go quicker, but I always think that.

It's now around 10:40 and I'm heading home. Rather early actually. Feels weird.


Anonymous said...

I always wondered what Toad In The hole was! Sounds good.

Glad you are feeling pretty much recovered.

ril said...

Ah, but real Toad in the Hole is another of those tasy, healthy classic British dishes. It's sausages baked in a thick pudding batter. Delicious. Haven't had that for a long time.

ChristineEldin said...

Also glad you're feeling better!!
I've some catching up to do on your posts!!

Anonymous said...

Hi paca-

Never had a Toad in The Hole but it sounds good. I do love eggs benedict, with the "constrained" egg, cooked up all pretty and clean looking and placed on an English Muffin, those muffins the English don't seem to really eat, not as muffins, anyway.

Fun to look at your day!


McKoala said...

Was going to say exactly what ril did - sausages and yorkshire pudding are the traditional toad in the hole. But yours sounds good too.

Ello said...

Hey you are better! That's all that counts. Now you can wow us with your linguistical expertise in sound health!

And although I know what toad in hole is, I have never had it.

Precie said...

Non sequitur:

Some time ago, I posted a request on my blog for writing assignments to help me focus. You commented: "Maybe writing for someone you admire would be inspirational." I don't know if you noticed, but later in the comment stream, I asked for explication. If you have a spare moment, could you mosey on over and expand on that? Do you mean write as if I'm writing to someone I admire? Thanks, bud.