Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm a mess

UPDATE: I thought I had ripped a muscle or something from coughing too much, but the doc this morning thinks it's the pneumonia itself causing pain. I don't quite understand how it does it, but it is true that the pain is centered right around where the pneumonia is in the lower part of the right lung. He set me up with two new antibiotics and a pain killer. I've taken them, but the pain killer sure ain't doing the trick yet. We will see. On the positive side, my blood oxygen level has gotten back to normal. If I could just stop grunting and cursing in pain and clutching the bed, I'd be in good shape.

My back has been hurting a bit on one side; I assume because of lying the wrong way for almost 3 weeks now. Still, apart from an occasional moan here and there, it was the least of my concerns. Then this morning I had one of my coughing fits and my old back just lit up in screaming pain. It felt like something popped almost. So now I've had to ask N to come get me from school and take me home to lie down again. Each cough now causes a little shot of hey-look-at-me pain.

I'm getting very, very tired of this.


J said...

I'm sorry, Paca. I hope you feel better soon.

Robin S. said...

Back pain just sucks. Check with your doctor on which painkiller/anti-inflammatory you can use if you're still on antibiotics, OK?

Try a heating pad, and, if you have a chair that reclines enough to sleep in a different position than lying down, it might make you feel better - especially if you can prop your legs up on an ottoman so that it takes pressure off of your lower back.

Weirdly, doing backstroke laps in a pool, gently, will help you heal more quickly. Been there.

Sorry- I'm a walking mommy.

Ello said...

Dude, what's going on? This is a long time for you, sorry pal. Here's hoping you get better soon.

McKoala said...

Poor, poor Paca. I can absolutely feel your pain.

When pregnant I suffer hyperemesis, which means I cannot stop vomiting. Twelve, fourteen times a day. In another time without saline drips I'd simply die. While pregnant with Princess I tore a muscle in my side through so much vomiting. And then every time I vomited - you've got it. Sheer agony. Awful. Please get well soon!

Courtney said...

big brother!!!!!!!!! i worry so much for u!! this is awful!!! i am sooooooo sorry ur going through this, if i were there i would take care of u like mom always did :-) awe, poor thing. i can understand the back pain, been a long time sufferer. hot baths are nice, also, it hurts my back when i sneeze real hard so to help it, i lean up against a wall, try that were ur coughing, it helps stablise the contracting over of ur body.

i love u, hope u et better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChristineEldin said...

I'm sorry.
Do you have comfortable pillows? I know this may sound corny, but ask your wife about the pregnancy pillows that are for back support.
Do you have to lie in a certain way (not totally flat?) That might help.
And I read somewhere that dairy should be avoided when you have lung issues. Maybe you can google that or check with your doctor.


Robin S. said...

Hey paca,

How're you doing? Feeling any better?

ril said...

Glad to see you popped in to EE's blog today. hope this means you're on the mend. Hang in there.