Friday, February 15, 2008

My supper dish, my succotash wish

I've never been a dance/house music kind of guy, but it doesn't stop me from having liked this song for many a year now.

This song; (there's a link below the picture to listen to it).

If I didn't know the tune was 18 years old (18 years!), I could (almost) imagine it still being released today. The only part that sounds old to me is the style of rap, which does sound late 80s early 90s.

By the way, robin s can use this song in her continuing war with EE about people being delicious. One lyric from the tune:

"He's not vicious or malicious, just de-lovely and delicious."

Can anyone name the tune from the lyric without clicking on the link?

I couldn't ask for another...

Incidentally, since I started college in 1990, I almost (but not quite since I have mostly junior and seniors) have people in my class who weren't born when I started college. Bah! I'm only 34!


Precie said...

Haven't even clicked the link! GROOVE IS IN THE HEART! Sing it!

Courtney said...

wait, are u telling me that u only heard this song for the first time 1 year ago!!!?? wow! and ur the one who taight me so much of my music, well, i agree with precie, "grove is in the heart!!!"

pacatrue said...

I can tell precie and I are almost the same age. Nicely done.

Court, I said many a year, not one year. At least I think so. One of the reasons I was thinking about the age of the song and my students is that I remember listening to this tune in the freshman dorm in 1990.

Robin S. said...


Thanks for the ammo, paca.

EE, if you read this, you'll know what this means: I win.

Robin S. said...

PS -

I just downloaded the song.

If I could rename it on Itunes, to celebrate my victory - that would be the best!

katze said...

Groove is in the heaaaaaaaaaaart!

This was one of the biggest hits at our wedding reception. Everyone, and I mean everyone of our generation was on the floor and shakin' what their mama gave 'em.

Precie said...


Don't just stand there.

Bust a move.


Precie said...

Here's what made me feel old when I taught freshman comp--

I mentioned Happy Days and the idyllic 50s the show represented. A couple of my students said, "Happy Days was before our time. Could you give us an example we'd recognize?"


pacatrue said...

Precie, I used a quote from Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and several people stared at me blankly. But then I know one student is 20, which means she would have been about 7 or 8 when Nirvana hit.