Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am preparing my semester schedule for the dissertation work and I wanted to have two week increments. Every two weeks, I will accomplish such and such tasks. First it read:

Week of 2/18

Week of 3/3

Then I realized that it wasn't a week, but two weeks.

So I just changed it to:

Fortnight of 2/18

Fortnight of 3/3

I wonder how my advisor will take that.

But, my dear sweet readers on whom Victoria has showered all the bounties of God's blessed Earth as the virtuous people of our nations most deserve, I must carry on forthwith.


McKoala said...

What's wrong with the word 'fortnight'? You not usin' that one any more on your side of the pond?

word ver: pigbbmzb. I'm picturing an exploding pig.

pacatrue said...

Sounds like something from Wuthering Heights to me.

Ello said...

Dost mine eyes deceiveth me Dearest Sir Paca? A fortnight? What's a fortnight?

I always thought it was a funny word and never could remember just how long it was supposed to run.

Robin S. said...

I have fortnights spoken to me here. As well as fun stuff like:
sod it, too bloody right, don't be stupid (that one pisses me off a lot), too true, etc. And even though I live with Sod It Man, I still think "how quaint" sometimes.

McKoala said...

So how do you feel about a squint queue?