Tuesday, March 25, 2008

80s review

I keep having plans to do a nice long blog entry but then I look at what I'm supposed to do for work, the huge list, and it just freaks me out and I want to run away. But here's a short item.

First up, you must know that I have lived for the last 3-4 months at Narnia Central. Everything is King Edmund this and Prince Caspian that to no end. On some days, B only responds to the name "Prince Caspian". Each of us has been assigned various Narnia characters. (I vary between the Bad King Miraz, Peter, Aslan, and Glenstorm the Centaur.) B wears his "knight boots" and carries a sword in a belt and his favorite game is "battle". He has a castle set and a sword and shield set and we practice pretend archery all the time. OK, you get the idea. Now, here's the slight humor:

Anyone remember the song "Poison Arrow" from the early 80s?

"Shoot that poison arrow through my heaaarrr-eaarrrt. Shoot that poison arrow."

And the singers were just oh so sensitive looking in the video. Well, for some reason I got that song in my head and sang it for B. (OK, I sang the lines I just gave you since I don't know any others.)

As I'm going "heaaaarrrrr-earrrrt" B lines up with his pretend bow and shoots an arrow right into my heart. I scream, "aahhhh!" and stick my tongue out dead.

"Do it again!"

"Shoot that poison arrow through my heaarrrr-earr-aaaghhh!!"

Rinse and repeat. Hilarious.


Precie said...


And OMG...I do believe that's a song by the Brit band ABC. And OMG I'm so embarrassed to admit that my 80s self owned that cassette.

pjd said...

I had, happily, forgotten that song. Thanks for bringing it back. No, really. Thanks. [grumble]

I have up in my cubicle at work a paper that my 11-year-old, when he was about 6, wrote and shoved under my office door while I was working at home. It is a hand drawing of a light saber with the words "daddy plese play star wors"

I failed to notice how easy my life became when his little brother was old enough to play with him adequately.

Precie said...

I love these Daddy stories, even though pjd's reminds me that too soon my child won't be begging me to play dinosaurs or Godzilla or Star Wars with him anymore.

writtenwyrdd said...

That song was too catchy back when. Thankfully, I cannot now recall the exact tune. Thus it isn't running through my head. Otherwise it would be.

Having never had children, I am grateful upon hearing your stories. Or the non-existant kids should be grateful, because I simply do not have the patience for that sort of thing. I'd either be in jail or drunk and under the table.

That said, I love other people's kids and kid stories! As my pal Chris says, Love 'em while you've got 'em, they grow up so damned fast!

December/Stacia said...

Okay, that IS hilarious.

Occasionally I am forced to call the Faerie "Captain Faerie" when she's being a pirate, but never with that much intensity.

McKoala said...

Ah, ABC. I kind of liked them.

If I were to say to you
Can you keep a secret?
Would you know just what to do
Or where to keep it?
Then I say I love you
And foul the situation
Hey girl I thought we were
The right combination

Who stole my heart - you did, you did
Right from the start with you playing cupid...

Ah, memories.

How about some Thompson Twins?

ril said...

Ah, the eighties. The decade that shaped rock music.

pacatrue said...

OK, ril. Spill the beans with your avatar pic there. Is that a real pic or photoshopped? Is that you holding Novel Deviations?

McKoala definitely wins the 80s new age contest, because I have a strong feeling she didn't have to google those lyrics.

pjd, precie, wyrrd, dec, I definitely don't mind these types of father events. What I most like about the story is that it's exactly my sense of humor, albeit on a 5-year-old level (while I myself have advanced already to the 8-year-old level). One has to wonder. Where did he get this sense of humor? Learned from me? In the genes? (The answer is both, of course.)

Ello said...

Do it again!

pjd said...

ah, nature vs nurture

I think this type of sense of humor is, in large part, learned. I love wordplay (learned from my father), and as my older son grew I could see his mental wheels turning to understand puns. When he started making his own puns (around six, I think), I could see his own sense of humor developing. Now he's 11, and he often finishes my (lame-ass) jokes and puns before I can get the words out.

His 8-year-old brother is catching up fast.

Definitely a learned thing.

Robin S. said...

Hey ril,

I'm with paca. It's time for bean spilling. Is that you holding Novel D?

pacatrue said...

Because ril, if you actually own a hat like that and wear it in public, you are my new hero.

ril said...

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but it ain't me. People haven't dressed like that since the '50's I think, which is probably when that photo was taken.

I think you can still buy the hats, though; and I so want to be somebody's hero...

Robin S. said...

Well, all righty then, what about buying one of those hats and having someone snap a pic?

I'll be watching for that avatar...