Friday, March 07, 2008

Here's a flaw

December was meditating on her blog (I can still hear her now, ohm, ohm, ohm) about whether or not people truly reveal themselves on their blogs, or if they only reveal the good stuff. I certainly don't reveal my own flaws, at least the ones I'm conscious of (for instance, I burp the Star Spangled Banner every night after supper, enjoy licking stamps until I vomit, and have a mole the size of a silver dollar hanging off my left ear lobe, but I'm not about to type that out here). To rectify this situation, I will confess a flaw: I like laughing at my own sense of humor far more than I should. I'll re-read my own minor quips over and over while ignoring others who are 30 times funnier. Self-centered, yes.

You want to know another flaw?

While what I said above is true, especially the stamp thing, I mostly just added it, because I wanted to copy a comment I made earlier on The Moderate Voice to this blog, because it slightly amused me, but felt like I needed something more to justify posting the comment here. Anyway, I'm off now to the post office for the usual order. I tell them I run a mail-order business on e-bay, but I think they know. At least the guy who sells me my stamps always comes dressed in a huge purple hat and fur coat. Are post office employees in your area dressing like that now, too?

The minor comment copied completely out of context for you.
Macan, I agree with your point that this was a screw-up by someone who forgot she couldn't just say whatever she thought in a conversation, but instead must represent the Campaign. Everyone agrees on this, which is why the Obama campaign "resigned" her. (Yes, I know I'm turning an intransitive into a transitive.) My reaction was entirely against the hint that academics all sit around bashing war heroes all day long, when they're not searching for great deals on Che Guevara t-shirts ( has serious bargains by the way). There seem to be many people who think this is indeed the case, and I may have lumped you into that group reflexively.


ril said...
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ril said...

I will confess a flaw: I like laughing at my own sense of humor far more than I should.

The interesting thing is -- and I mean no offence by this, I think it's perfectly fine and there's no reason you shouldn't and it ain't necessarily a flaw either -- thinking back to earlier posts, I think you have revealed this. And it's interesting, to me at least, because it then raises the question: even if we don't intend to reveal certain things about ourselves, are they so intrinsic to who we are that they are revealed anyway? If we write for long enough, are we bound to let slip?

ChristineEldin said...

Please get that mole looked at. My younger sister died from skin cancer a few years ago. Early detection is so key with this form of cancer. And the ears often have precancerous cells because obviously they're exposed to the sun more (especialy for men).
Don't put this off. Please.

pacatrue said...

Maybe this is my true flaw. I think I'm wryly amusing when in fact I am frightening my friends. The truth is that I neither burp the star-spangled banner, lick stamps until puking, nor have a mole the size of a silver dollar on my ear (nor know where to get a great deal on a Che t-shirt if anyone read that far).

Sorry to stress you out, Chris!

And, ril, yes. To your last question.

blogless_troll said...

The truth is that I neither burp the star-spangled banner...

Well that's disappointing. Do you burp any other songs then?

Ello said...

I can burp louder than any other woman I know, next to my sister. Must run in the family. I find myself terribly amusing and crack myself up all the time. I pretty much am just like how I am on my blog.

Luckily I find you very amusing too Pacapaca!