Monday, March 17, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Brackets

The brackets have been announced for March Madness, so it's time for everyone to get in there and choose your teams. May the best grad student in Hawaii win!


Robin S. said...

Oh, the pressure is on!

Precie said...

All right...I said my participation would depend on whether 'Nova made it in. And they did. WOOOOO!!!!

pacatrue said...

I'm glad you are in, precie. Somehow I have a pretty strong guess about your alma mater.

You're going down, robin s!

Robin S. said...


I probably am going down down down the basketball tubes, but maybe it won't be as pitifully as before, with the football, paca, my man, since I have my secret weapon (BT's explanatory blogging that I, um, begged him for).