Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Liberal List

I had an amusing conversation over on The Moderate Voice political blog that I am copying over here. It was in the comments to a post about why almost all of the movies about the Iraq War have done poorly at the box office. My conservative co-commenter had put an argument forth that essentially the movies were liberal, frequently anti-American, tripe that doesn't appeal. (His argument is actually detailed and well-argued; I'm just trying to summarize quickly.)

Pacatrue: As a liberal who hates America and hosts annual Hugo Chavez birthday parties (oh, Hugo, how I love thee), I don't go to see most of these movies because I'd rather see something fun.

Co-Commenter: Pacatrue...You forgot to note in your descriptive list the critically important fact that you live in Hawa'ii (as I have gathered from your other posts)!

For us conservative who are freezing ours tails off digging out after blizzard after blizzard this winter, the thought of an arch-liberal such as yourself ;) enjoying the blissful surroundings of the Pacific climate while we scrape the bloody car off for the 100th morning :( is truly reason to doubt the existence of a just and caring deity.

Maybe God is a liberal. Disturbing thought that. Ah would explain a great many things.....

Pacatrue: Funny you should mention that, co-commenter. Because, let's see, I have this list I made up at my second Bleeding Heart Retreat a couple years back...

Here we go.

#3. Move to Hawaii just to piss off conservatives.

What else is on here?

#6. Take away health care options from hard-working God-fearing Americans.
#7. Send $5000 checks to 100 million random people all over the world just so they feel good about themselves. Special Note: Exclude Americans and anyone white.

Wait, this is crossed out with a crayon and there's a note: Still cheaper than Iraq War. Make it $500 to everybody - but not Americans.

#12. Build a 200 foot mural dedicated to Stalin's positive contributions. Mount it on Bunker Hill.
#18. Encourage teens to have rampant, unheeded sex by distributing birth control.
#8 Re-animate Che Guevara's head and found a new state in North Central Nevada with Che as Minister of Finance.
#2. Attach eletrodes to conservatives' brains and zap them when they get within 100 miles of Hawaii.

And, of course

#1. Elect Hillary Clinton to Presidency, just to piss off conservatives.


December/Stacia said...

Lol! That's awesome, Paca. Very funny.

pjd said...

I'd rather see something fun, too.

What movies are there about the Iraq war? I mean... maybe movies like Platoon and Saving Private Ryan did well not because they were about other wars but because they were, um, good movies.

I've seen a couple of movies that took place in Desert Storm, if I recall, and... well, it's hard to recall because none of them were memorable.

I would suspect that movies about a war that is still in progress rarely do well at the box office. Why bother paying $40 for a family to see it when you can just flip on Fox "news" for some good fiction about the war?

ChristineEldin said...

One of your funniest posts ever!!!

Precie said...


McKoala said...

Didn't you realise that your move to Hawaii meant that you were no longer qualified to have opinions?