Sunday, March 02, 2008

March Madness is on the Way

I've sent an invitation to all the emails I could find in my pacatrue email account. But you are very much welcome to participate even if I didn't find your email. Just use this link:

Supposedly, this is the link to join.

You will need a Yahoo account. If you played College Bowl Pick 'Em, then you are already good.

I volunteered earlier to host this year's March Madness, and so I have just set up a private group within Yahoo Sports' Fantasy site, same gig as the College Bowl Pick 'em from December and January. The Group ID is #18199 and the password is pacapaca. High security on this, I know. It doesn't appear to start until the 20th, so you've got time to research college basketball, if you are so inclined. Having actual knowledge seems to ruin the fun of the thing to me, but if that's what you wanna do, I can't stop it. I confess that I do happen to know that two teams from Tennessee are #1 and #2 right now, while Vanderbilt from Nashville, where I lived for 8 years, beat the #1 last week. After that, my basketball knowledge drops precipitously.

Please leave a comment if you want me to send you an invitation. Also, if you have any 'spice it up' thoughts, leave those as well. I have emails for pretty much all the EE crew who hang out here. Friends of the llama who still come by (wow!), I sometimes don't have yours. Ummm, but I think it worked out last time somehow.

pacapaca (That's said in the little caesar's pizza voice.)


Precie said...

I know nothing about sports. Frankly, my participation in MM will depend on whether Villanova makes it in. Currently, their chances are iffy.

Ello said...

I'm in! Woo Hoo Hoyas!!

December/Stacia said... never emailed to invite me.

pacatrue said...

I haven't emailed anyone yet, Dec. It's not personal. I was judging interest first. And being lazy.

pjd said...

Hey, hard to believe I haven't been a regular lurker over here. Heard about the pool on the Troll's weblog (sorry, blog). Count me in, if you'll have me.

Robin S. said...

Hi paca,

I'm looking foward to this! Thanks for doing it.

I asked BT to give us lessons on his blog - don't worry- I still won't know enough to actually do well.

You know, you started a whole "group game-on community" thing with your first one - then continued in the spirit with the daily stuff, and now this.

You do realize you're important to us, don't you?

McKoala said...

I'm in, oh grand master of social events. Sport? What sport?