Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Off to Frisco

I'm off to Frisco tonight on a red-eye flight. They are great for saving time, but have the drawback of arriving in your destination at, oh, 5:30 AM, when your hotel check-in isn't until noon or 3 in the afternoon or something. It seems that most flights to the mainland are overnighters due to the time change. Anyway, I think I have internet access in my room and so you will likely hear from me as normal. If I do disappear, well, the trip is why, and I will be back in town on Sunday.



Courtney said...

have fun in frisco! let me know the time diff so i can call u this weekend for a real chat minus a 5year, lol

much love, sis

ChristineEldin said...

Have fun!!
Eat those noodles and visit that zoo, that's all I know about SanFran.