Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Am I there yet?

This is an academic shout-out.

I keep thinking that I am on teetering on the edge of a true theoretical breakthrough in linguistics and psychology, but I can't get there. Part of not getting there is external: I'll be editing a paper for work again instead of working on the problem; but most of it is internal: My math really isn't very good and I read the internet too much as an escape. Sigh. But I know if I can do it, it's important. My pulse is actually elevated right now. Aren't us (want-a-be) academics weird? Of course I know that one characteristic of young academics is they always think their papers are soooo important, when really they're just one more drop in the bucket.

This has been an academic shout-out. Emoticon here.


writtenwyrdd said...

Don't know what to tell ya, Paca. How about this thought: If it's important to you, if you feel you need to seek the answer (or write the story) you should do it. Listen to the little voice of inspiration. It's usually right.

Robin S. said...

I love academic guys. Y'all's idea of what's important is not only endearing, it's usually pretty close to my ideas of the types of things that are important in life - namely, not the inane ones.

(Caveat: except if these professorial brain pings are math related - because, while math may be inescapablly important, for me, it is, as well, inescapably impenetrable.)

Precie said...'re making me miss grad school again.

Go, paca, go!