Monday, April 07, 2008

Being an Aslo

Hi everyone,

I do still exist. I'm just completely swamped and stressed. I won't bother you all with it right now.

However, I saw a little write-up from the AP about the new electees to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Here's the first couple sentences:

"Coach Pat Riley, broadcaster Dick Vitale, players Hakeem Olajuwon and Patrick Ewing, plus three others have been elected to basketball’s Hall of Fame.

Also among the Class of 2008 are player Adrian Dantley, coach Cathy Rush and NBA team owner Bill Davidson."

I'm just thinking, wouldn't it suck to be elected to the Hall of Fame after 20, 30, 40 years of work in basketball, and the AP writer shuffles you down to the "also" paragraph? It reminds me of early versions of the Gilligan's Island theme where the Professor and Mary Ann are "and the rest".

While it's true that I know who everyone in the first paragraph is, but know far less about the second group, well, still. That's lame. At least put Coach Rush in the first sentence with Coach Riley, and then go off on Riley for the rest of the article. C'mon. And, by the way, the article never does tell us who Coach Rush was. Never mentioned again.

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