Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Random thoughts 843

1) I used to think about creating a college radio show called Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust. The problem is you'd have to find just tons and tons of those 2 minute guitar riff attitude-filled wonders (think the Clash, White Stripes, Strokes, Ramones, etc.) to fill up a time slot. I still like the name though.

2) N has been watching a lot of various "next model" shows. I have mostly learned I would never want to be a model. And that Tyra was hot in her SI Swimsuit covers in the mid-90s, but I'm glad I never dated her. Because that almost happened, you know. Yep.

3) Speaking of TV, we've been watching Dancing with the Stars as a fairly successful family show. It's fun. B dances, etc. But many of the music choices are odd. I love me some Stevie Wonder, but Wonder's Higher Ground for the Pasa Doble? (spelling?) Really?

4) I also watched some TV when in San Fran, including the ImaginAsian network. Got to see a discussion of which male Bollywood stars are the sexiest, a magician's reality show competition in what looked like Taiwan perhaps, and these three college-age people hanging around South China giving a tourist show and periodically stopping to scream and jump around as they ate Sand Worms in one town and Lizard soup in another. I think that's the show; kind of like Fear Factor crossed with Lonely Planet. I think I got mostly stuck on ImaginAsian because periodically I would actually understand something in Chinese and be so shocked that I understood that I had to keep hanging around to wait for the next understood phrase. Does ImaginAsian play anywhere other than San Francisco? I would guess yes; maybe even here; but I've never had cable, so I wouldn't know.

5) I like e-Filing. It's so genteel and convenient. The Feds will even take e-money. Silly Hawaii makes me mail paper money to them. (Yes, time to adjust the W-4s yet again.) Maybe I will go file my taxes again just to get that warm fuzzy feeling. (Kind of like the feeling that Robin gets when EE jumps on her openings. Ahem. I didn't mean it like that when I wrote it, but I'm definitely keeping it now.)

6) Speaking of double meanings, I took a music class way back in 1993 or so my last year as an undergrad called From Blues to Rock. It covered the history of the Blues from its emergence until the early 50s when Elvis and other Rock and Rollers came out. Anyway, the early bluesmen and women spent most of their lives writing dirty songs under the guise of discussions of cars, dancing, bizarre medicinal cures, etc. We spent one class listening to dirty songs, and one of them was called If You See Kay from the 30s. However, if you listen to it, it's not obviously very naughty at all. There is one great line where he says that Kay "was stacked up like a Coca Cola bottle" but that's it. All the other lyrics are completely harmless. However, if you sing the title the right way, I think that's where the naughty in-joke is. Go ahead and try singing "If You See Kay". And think of each word as a letter spelling a word out. I think that's the little sneak-past-the-censors joke, but when I revealed my theory to a couple classmates, they didn't buy it. What do you think?

7) I'm having trouble getting a good connection to work, so I might go to bed soon. I celebrate bad internet connections.

8) We picked up a big family-size tent this weekend. I've been determined to go beach park camping for some time. While the tent is expensive (ok, $100), that's the price of most hotel rooms for a single night in Hawaii. Now, we've only taken one vacation in 4 years here, but if we don't stay in a hotel for about two nights on some future vacation and use the tent instead, that should make up for most of the cost. We will see.

9) Here's how I cook asparagus. I used to always use the thinnest spears I could find, but the thicker ones turn out pretty decent now, too. Heat some oil in a skillet, preferably one with a cover, but not required. When nice and hot, add asparagus. Cook for a while so that you actually get some nice "blackened" marks on them. Stir periodically. You can also cover the skillet so that they steam some while cooking. Near the end, sprinkle salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Be liberal. With the seasonings. The slightly charred taste with the seasonings turns out pretty decently. I don't like boiled asparagus much at all, and the canned stuff is sickening. Really. Don't make me eat those. I've come to the conclusion that many American kids don't like vegies because they've always had really bad ones. Like those steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower bits from the frozen package? Vomit. But good beef and broccoli? Yummy. Or potato, carrot, pea Indian curries? Eat it up, yum.

10) Does anyone remember this song from Dr. Demento days in the early 80s?

Fish heads, fish heads.
Roly poly fish heads.
Fish heads, fish head.
Eat them up, yum!

Took a fish head
out to see a movie
Didn't have to pay to get, it, in.

Fish heads, fish heads
roly poly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads,
Eat them up, yum.

Fish heads are never seen drinking capaccinos in Italian restaurants with Oriental women!

Fish heads....

Now that's music.

Naturally, the video is on YouTube. Of course it is.

But wait! This post goes to 11!

11) The family was trying to find some cheap place to eat lunch on the weekend, and we saw a restaurant called "Sweet Home Cafe" which we knew nothing about. We didn't want sushi, Cantonese, Hawaiian L&L Drive Inn, or a hamburger (the other choices in the strip). The place turned out to be a shabu shabu restaurant; i.e., Japanese Hot Pot. Now Mongolian Hot Pot is one of my favorite things, so we gave it a try. For about $6, they bring out a broth of your choice and get it going on the little electric burner on the table. Then for $3.75 you get a plate of frozen protein to drop into the broth. And then you go to the fridge and pick out various other plates color-coded for price. We ended up with noodles, cabbage, mushrooms, zucchini and pumpkin, and these dumpling-like things. I chose those. When choosing, I saw one dumpling plate which was clearly stuffed with crab. I knew N wasn't a big fan of the seafood thing, so I grabbed the one with little green specks, thinking it was some vegetable. Turned out to be fish eggs inside. Only I would eat that. You drop the things in the broth to cook and eat it up, yum! In the end, it was yummy, really quite healthy I think, and it was only $24 for all three of us. About $18 would be better, but still, not bad. So I recommend your friendly neighborhood shabu shabu restaurant now. If only so you can look at your partner, raise your eyebrows in a flirty fashion, and say, "hey, babe, wanna shabu shabu?"


Precie said...

Information overload.


How did I know you'd know the Fishheads song? Dude. My DH and I had a Best of Dr. Demento cassette. To this day, out of nowhere, I hear "Fish heads are never seen drinking capaccinos in Italian restaurants with Oriental women! Yeahhhhhhhh." in my head. (Being an, ahem, Asian woman, I can't help but remember that line.)

I also love the song made of up metaphors about fish...called (I'm so sorry to say) "Wet Dream".

pjd said...

You almost dated Tyra? What's funny is I even know who that is. Mostly I am so unaware of anything related to famous people it's pathetic.

"this post goes to eleven"... what a great way to close out the fish heads song. Yes, I was a Dr. Demento geek all through high school and even a little into college.

I don't know the If You See Kay song, but your theory has legs. I'm guessing Kay did, too. This, coupled with fish heads (and I do not recommend coupling with fish heads often), reminds me of the "Shaving Cream" song.

pacatrue said...

Precie, I'm doing my best to make my blog unreadable. First, I don't write for almost a week. Then I spew out large amounts of odd stuff that's unrelated.

I started to talk about the use of "oriental women" but decided my blog post was long enough already. I have a friend who has a good saying for this which I just double-checked with her. It's "People are Asian, rugs are oriental."

As for Dr. Demento, I'm sad to report I think I know less than both precie and pjd. I heard it about 3-4 times, probably. Somehow this played on MTV in the early days. However, it may have been part of Al TV, when Weird Al was a guest host, and Dr. Demento was Weird Al's launching pad.