Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sports Notes

Some of you might be surprised to learn that I actually follow sports to a moderate degree, reading a couple sports pages almost every day. I don't know anything about baseball or college stuff, unless UH is somehow relevant, but I do follow the NHL, the NBA, and NFL, of course. As well as a bit of tennis. I actually prefer women's tennis to men's, though I'm beginning to fall behind a bit in my knowledge there. Anyway, here are a few things to celebrate.

1) I almost pulled off picking the NCAA basketball champ two years in a row. I got Florida last year and Memphis almost had it this year. Go me.

2) The Nashville Predators (that's an NHL hockey team) managed to slip into the 8th playoff seed in the Western Conference. They were a higher seed last year, but in some ways this year is the bigger accomplishment. Nashville headed into ownership troubles at the end of last year and ended up dumping virtually all of its big name talent: Peter Forsberg, Paul Kariya, Kimmo Timonen, Scott Hartnell, and Tomas Voukoun. But somehow a bunch of no names managed to scrap their way in. It's hard to see them having any chance against the Red Wings, who have the best record in the league and is their first round match-up. But to get there at all should be celebrated. The Predators have been a lot like the early 90s Moira-coached Saints. Pretty good (Who dat?!), but always stuck in a division with the dominant (at the time) 49ers with Montana, Rice, and Young. The Red Wings play the Niners in my analogy. Or maybe I just want to see Ronnie Lott take out a red wing or two.

3) Are you following the Western division playoff race of the NBA at all? Everyone in the west is so packed together, you can fall from 1st place to at least 6th in a week of games. And it's not because they all suck; they're actually all very good. Multiple stars on multiple teams all playing decent ball. Spurs, Suns, Lakers, Mavericks, Celtics (I know Eastern), and even somehow the New Orleans Hornets, are all playing some killer ball. A good match-up in this group could have 3-4 future hall of famers on the floor at once.

4) And most importantly.... ROBIN WON THE NCAA TOURNAMENT!!!! Go, Robin!!


Precie said...

Yay, Robin!!!!!! You rock, girl!

Ello said...

Robin, next time you can pick my teams for me too!

Robin S. said...

Thanks, paca! Thanks, you all!

It was really fun to win something I never thought I could win- even if it was sheer luck.

Gonna do more of these, paca??

Robin S. said...

P.S. Paca- please check your email, sweetie.

McKoala said...

I kind of skimmed the whole sport part, but point 4 got me. Go Robin!