Monday, May 19, 2008

Dispatches from B-Land

B, as people will remember, is 5.

The lyrics to Hound Dog, the Elvis version (though I highly recommend Big Mama Thornton's, which is where Elvis got it.):

nothing but a hound dog
cryin' all the time
nothing but a hound dog
cryin' all the time
you never caught a rabbit
and you never eat a friend of mine

A conversation while reading our Children's Bible tonight (B is into reading about "Jesus was a baby".)

Paca (reading): One day Jesus and Mary met a wise woman at the temple named Anna. She knew that Jesus was special and told everyone he was the savior of the world.

B shakes his head knowingly: Noooo.

Paca: Jesus isn't the savior?

B: No, he's a healer. A savior has to fight people.

A little rhyme from school he says quite frequently:

We are polu moana ohana
We are keepers of the 'aina.

Translation notes -- polu and moana are the names of his class and the one next door. The words mean "blue" and "ocean" respectively, though he doesn't know that. Ohana means family. The 'aina is the land. So:

We are the family of Polu and Moana
We are keepers of the earth.

Periodically, he will pick up some trash from the ground and tell me he's polu moana ohana. It also apparently means being good generally, because when John the Baptist teaches people to be good, honest, and kind in the children's Bible, B always says that means polu moana ohana.

For the record, the Children's Bible is the first non-Narnia related book I've read at bed time in a good three months at least.

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Robin S. said...

B is cool. And I'm absolutely good with him singing "never eat a friend of mine" - what a cutie!