Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The experiment

Monday, the last day without N, there were two activities - war and cooking. War involved watching Prince Caspian again, going to a state park for Narnian battles, and then seeing some of Lord of the Rings. While the last thing was going on, I tried to create a new dish.

I've been doing crepes and there's a Korean style pancake called jun, so I tried to do crepes with some jun inspiration. There's a common jun with carrots, green onion, and seafood, so I took those things and put them inside a crepe. Here are the chopped ingredients (the seafood is shrimp and imitation crab).

I also added 1/4 rice flour into the normal French crepe, but I don't know if that improved the crepe; it just made it harder to fold. So, 1 cup of flour and 1/3 cup of rice flour. Mix with about 3/4 cup milk and a little more than a 1/2 cup water. Then cook up the crepes.

I also took N's mention of the old shrimp and spinach crepes as needing a little liquid, so I went sauce crazy at the store, using soy sauce, Thai fish sauce, a chili garlic sauce, and hoisin sauce (hoisin is the sauce on those Chinese mu shu pancakes).

While the above waited, I fried up the ingredients. Carrots and green onion in a bit of soy and sesame oil; the shrimp and "crab" in some sesame and Thai fish sauce.

I then did two batches of the creation. One had hoisin sauce spread in the center of each crepe; the other had some of the chili garlic sauce.

The vegies first went on.

Then the seafood

And then you wrap it up and bake it for a bit.

It turned out pretty well. It would be even better in some sort of puff pastry I bet, but I've never worked with a puff pastry in my life.
So there you go.


blogless troll said...

Those look delish, but what's really impressive is you can cook while holding a camera. I'd set it down on the stove or something and start a fire.

McKoala said...

Yum yum yum

Whirlochre said...

Whoops — just been caught licking the monitor.

pacatrue said...

Thanks everyone. When eating them, I remember thinking they were good but not amazing, but I think they actually were pretty good, because I ate three that night and then finished off the rest for lunch the next day.