Sunday, May 25, 2008


First, I offer my thoughts and thanks on this Memorial Day.

In personal news, N hopped a plane to Guam today. Yes, Guam. Unfortunately for her it's work related and she's spending two nights and flying back. I keep thinking of Guam as this amazingly far away place, but it's a direct flight from Honolulu and the flight to Chicago is about an hour longer. It is a 20 hour time zone switch, however because she's going across the date line.

Anyway, it's just B and I for a couple of days. While N is out, we are doing things that N doesn't like to do. Today that included going to Popeye's for chicken and biscuits. Mmmm... And that was about the extent of our craziness. Otherwise, B and I went to the Bishop Museum again, of which we are members. The newest rotating exhibit is robotic whales.

Tomorrow's crazy thing-we-will-do-that-N-doesn't-like is probably just more cooking. This time I'm going experimental which frightens my lovely spouse sometimes. I mean, it should because experimental is hit and miss. So I'm going to experiment on our son -- which likely means I will end up choking down whatever I come up with and he'll eat a corn dog.

'til then.


ril said...

Ha! Corn dogs. They're called American Dogs here, and what could be more fun than going into a convenience store and saying, "Give me that American Dog" in your best Hollywood villain accent? Huh?

Enjoy the guy time!

Robin S. said...

You guys have your boy time, and have fun with it.

Re Memorial Day- have you ever been to the Pearl Harbor memorial?