Friday, May 02, 2008

It's just that time

Sorry to be boring the last week or two. It's just that time of year when everything is due. All papers for the journal are headed towards publication; all my own projects are due; prepping the final for the phonetics class; etc.; etc. I'll reappear when I can.



Robin S. said...

No apologies necessary. I miss you, but I can wait.

Good luck with everything.

McKoala said...

Say the following three times fast:

Paca prepping papers projects published.

Courtney said...

Good Luck!!

ChrisEldin said...

Paca Dahling,

Take a break and stop by next week for some fun contests and chances to win a book. Don't do this weekend's contest because it's pretty long and time-consuming. But Mon-Friday will be short, short, short!


writtenwyrdd said...

Sometimes life makes ridiculous demands upon our free time, doesn't it? We'll be here when you get back.