Monday, May 26, 2008

Life in outer space

We will never meet beings from other planets.

I've seen no convincing evidence that people from other planets have visited ours.

Why not?

Is interstellar travel just not possible because the distances are too great?

Is there no other intelligent life?

Or are we the most advanced species in the galaxy?

I find us just happening to be the most advanced species ever difficult to believe. I also find it hard to believe that in the billions and billions of planets that must exist, none of them has life. I therefore conclude that interstellar travel just is not possible.

I can only think of one other possibility: There are other species traveling in space already, but since there are billions and billions of planets, they just haven't stopped by here yet. After all, hominids've only been around a million years or so.

Or maybe ril is an alien.

What do you think?


ril said...

I could tell you, but you wouldn't be physically able to comprehend it at this stage in your evolution.


Incidentally, I actually do have an official Certificate of Alien Registration issued by the Japanese Ministry of Justice.

Just because your government hasn't made contact...

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm glad to see ril coming clean.

I don't think we've got enough evidence either way yet to decide whether it's likely that there is life on other planets. Given the huge distances and time periods involved, it's possible that there are other aliens out there and we aren't in the same place at the same time.

Except for ril, of course.

pjd said...

I think there's another option you're forgetting, and it might be the most likely: that there are more advanced races out there, and that interstellar (even intergalactic) travel is possible... but that it's just so much easier to invent war technologies than it is to invent exploration technologies. And that all these more advanced societies blew themselves up before they figured out interstellar travel.

blogless troll said...

Maybe we're not that interesting. I mean, I've never been to Poplar Bluff, Missouri, but it's not because I can't get there. (No offense to Poplar Bluffians.)

Robin S. said...


ril- I'm glad you owned up. I mean, the first letter of your not-your-name name isn't even capitalized, for god's sake. You alien, you.

Yeah, BT, there are a lot of armpit places I haven't been. Maybe I'd better not name them.

ril said...

ril- I'm glad you owned up. I mean, the first letter of your not-your-name name isn't even capitalized, for god's sake.

Or even for God's sake...??

Actually, that so is my name. Kind of.

pacatrue said...

ril, your name is God?! Wow, that's quite the name change, my man.

So now the name guessing begins. ril. Rill. Bill. Rillian. Prince Rillian from C.S. Lewis' The Silver Chair!!


Prince Lear, it is.

So to sum up everyone's theories, either we're an armpit back asswords hole in the galaxy, everyone else killed themselves off, or we're stuck in one never-ending continuation of the movie Serendipity.

I'm voting for the hole.

And that ril's an alien.

ril said...

So what a week this has been. We've discovered ril is an alien, and we've discovered Evil Editor is human.

Whatever next?

Robin S. said...

Are the letters r i l your initials? I kind of thoughmore t it was formulaic. Or a formula of sorts.

Robin S. said...

Or, paca:

Sir Rodney Rillian.

Robin S. said...

Hey- sorry for the third comment in a row thing - but the god was purposeful, my man, to match your ril's rilldom. A little g for a little r.

ril said...

I knew that. Yeah. 'Course I did.

pacatrue said...

I'm definitely calling him Sir Rodney from now on.

Sir Rodney of the Pasty.

ril said...

It's not the first time I've been called Rodney.

You still have to guess the other two.

pacatrue said...

Clearly, it's Rodney Isadora Leicester.

writtenwyrdd said...

I agree that in an infinite universe, there have to be more advance or at least other sentient races if not merely life.

I figure if the space travelling aliens haven't stopped by (the jury is still out, IMO) they are smart enough to recognize an antagonistic and self-damaging bunch of hairless monkeys when they see them and leave us alone to figure out how to change.

Which I am sure we will. Not sure about the other species on the planet, however, who do deserve a chance.

pjd said...

Not sure about the other species on the planet, however, who do deserve a chance.

Oh, boy, I sense another Blogless Troll dolphin post soon...

Robin S. said...

OK, ril.

Depends. Are you a Brit like my husband - with the one first name and the TWO middle names that are ancestor/family, in his case, male, first names and then the surname? If so, is Rodney the first and i and l are the two middles?

Either way, here are some I names.
Any of these right?

Ian (or some spelling variation of this name)

ril said...

No, and yes.

Robin S. said...

OK- my guess: Ian, Iaian, or some variation thereof.

How did I do?

ril said...

Very astute.

Robin S. said...

I'm taking that as a yes, Rodney Ian L.

Clue me in on the L?

pacatrue said...


ril said...

Oh, man -- you're all so close...

Robin S. said...

Are you playing with us, Sir Robin?
Sir Rodney?