Sunday, June 29, 2008


$4.39 a gallon now. How 'bout you?

Since we live about 3 miles from where we work, gas itself isn't that huge a deal to us, particularly since we have a little Toyota Echo that gets 35 odd miles to the gallon (well, it would if we ever traveled more than 5 blocks without a red light). It's the effect on other things. 90% of Hawaii's food must come from across the ocean (and that's ignoring the stuff from neighbor isles) so the grocery bill keeps climbing. I've seen some discounts recently, but a couple weeks ago I couldn't find any loaves of bread under $5. So I decided to make my own. Of course, it took me 2-3 weeks to get around to it. Finally this morning, using a recipe from my lovely sis who is currently in a pastries and baking program in Austin (go, sis!), I made a couple passable baguettes. The key is the 2 lb package of yeast from Costco for under $5. One batch of bread uses half an ounce.

Also broke out some cans of salmon we've had sitting around for a couple months and made a curry salmon soup to go with the bread for dinner. It was decent enough. I was using a discount soup book from Barnes and Noble. I love me some soup. Seriously. Anyway, it's Thai-like with some coconut cream, curry paste, white wine, heavy cream, and parsley. I actually made it because we had this big thing of cream that's about to go bad, so I went searching for cream recipes.

In other news, N's work had a beach picnic/get together thing on Saturday, which we all attended. She has a small workplace with maybe 7, 8 employees. We propped some potluck dishes on someone's pick-up, set up an umbrella for B and the boss' almost-4-year-old, and then jumped in the waves with the boogie board.

I really have no idea what I'm doing with the boogie board. I get a wave; it carries me for about 5 feet; and then moves on without me. And so I'm at the point where it's almost more fun to go out right now than come in. When you're going out, you can jump through the waves with your board, getting a tiny little rush. You all should understand that I'm going about 30 feet out at most. I'm not exactly ready for the next episode of Riding Giants. The swells were maybe 4 feet? And I was contemplating for a while whether I was a good enough swimmer for that. Turns out I am.

To underscore my ineptitude, I ended my amazing run when I sliced open a toe on a reef. Apparently, they are sharp. I didn't even know the reef was there. It was a superficial cut though. Boss' husband had some vinegar, a bunch of band-aids, and that was that. He and boss are surfers so I asked how they avoid the cuts and the answer was, "well, you just get cut sometimes." One of the less glorious parts of surfing they don't emphasize. Even though my boogie boarding was inept, the whole experience is a change from 15 years ago when I wouldn't have gone at all: too embarrassed to have my shirt off around others, etc. I'm still pasty white and jiggle in places, but I go anyway.

And this was a post about gas prices.



ril said...

US$7.17 / gallon here. That's for super, though; didn't notice the price for regular. Still painful, I expect. Cost me $100 to fill up the tank this weekend.

Vinegar sounds painful. Vinegar and saltwater. Guess you don't want to cut yourself too often. I'm a definite northern hemispherer too, and closely resemble Casper's twin brother when stripped to the shorts.

bunnygirl said...

We're still just under $4/gal here in Houston and the price has held steady for the past three weeks. I expect it to change any time, though.

Bread is easy to make, Paca. My method is to start it in the evening and let it do its first rise overnight. Then I punch it down in the morning and put it into loaf pans for the second rise while I have coffee or run an errand or two. Then the loaves go in the oven for half an hour and voila! Just remember: bread-making is time-intensive, but not labor intensive. Actual time spent doing stuff is about 20 minutes, tops.

And, because I'm evil, here's a cinnamon bread recipe for you:

Don't be put off by the extra work of flattening and rolling the dough. Everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten. :-) Get kidlet to help. He'll have a blast sprinkling the sugar!

writtenwyrdd said...

We were at $4.299 last week but it went down to $4.249. I was in Bangor this morning (further from the Canadian border) and it was a shocking $4.199.