Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Petty Laziness

Sorry no new post in a couple days. I'm being supremely lazy. I kept working fairly constantly after the semester finished because my journal published a new issue as of this Sunday. But now that it's out/published, I just find myself not wanting to do much of anything for a bit. Going to bed around 1:00 AM for weeks and weeks just mounts up after a while and you want a break. I'm still working, but I probably put in three good hours today instead of 7-8. I'll get it going again soon. Maybe tomorrow.

In other news, after not calling 911 for 34 years (yes, I'm 34), I've called them 3 times in the last couple months. The first time was when some neighbor was screaming that he was going to kill his girlfriend and he didn't care if people called the police, so I obliged him by calling the police. She drove away while I was still on the phone, though, so nothing much came of it. Then I called a second time after our burglary. Finally Monday or Tuesday night, I called a third time.

This was a tough decision to make. Someone was going through all of our garbage on the street. (There are 4 apartments in our building.) Nothing unusual there because tons of people, homeless and otherwise, collect bottles to get the 5 cent deposit back, routinely going through public trash cans. Then the person started ripping open bags and looked liked they were getting clothes. That bugged me some, but still if you are homeless and need clothes, it's okay if you take some from garbage.

But then the person sat down and looked like they were going through papers and I kept thinking "identity theft, identity theft," so I finally called the police. I think the person had spent a full 30 minutes going through our garbage before the police cruiser came by. I don't know what happened really. They sat the person down and got an ID, but eventually they left in one direction and the police left in another. The thing is, I'm not sure going through garbage on the street is illegal, but half an hour in my apartment's stuff just bugged me. And, yes, we will definitely be making sure we cut up any account numbers on anything before they go out.

It could be yet another reason to move out of Waikiki, but there seems to be a little property crime spree going all around. A couple weeks ago a classmate was also hit while they were sleeping; the crooks making off with backpacks and laptops. And then just yesterday a mother at daycare was also saying they were recently robbed of a backpack while sleeping. This last one wasn't in Waikiki at all, but up in the valley for the university. The only thing to do would be to move to a secure building of some sort. It's not quite right to say that it scares me still, but I do find myself double and triple checking our locks and windows every night. That I do this bugs me more than anything else.


SzélsőFa said...

I love quizzes and I loved taking part in the daily quiz show, but today it f.cked me up again.
There were trivia from US movies and celebs as "General knowledge" - I bet this quiz is just not meant for me.
I'm sorry, but I'm not playing anymore. It's not your fault and it's a great idea indeed, but not for a Hungarian knowing (and caring) not much about American tv-shows and famous people.

ril said...

Identity theft is a big problem these days. We shred everything that has any identifying info. on it, and take names and addresses of old envelopes, packages etc. before tossing them. Can't be too careful.

I suppose it's marginally possible the guy was a licensed PI checking "somebody" out (cough, cough). It would equally bug me, though, if I called the police out because I thought my property was being violated, knew they came and checked it out, and them didn't tell me what the result was, but just left me hanging.

I guess the place just went downhill when Steve McGarrett retired.

moonrat said...

i forgive you for your sporadic posts. however, you have not yet volunteered to guest post on my blog about an important book to you. [hint, hint]

pjd said...

I don't think it's Waikiki specifically. More the economy in general. My neighborhood has suffered a rash of break-ins recently, also, and that's a rarity around here. Mostly it's been cars broken into, but I've heard of a couple of house burglaries. When my car got "broken into" (I left it unlocked), the officer who came out said that petty theft and burglary had seemed to go way up recently all over this wealthy suburb.

I don't know about the guy in the dumpster. I understand the reluctance to judge people and the desire to give leeway, but it's nice to know that if you're freaked out by something, 911 is there. And I also totally understand being freaked out by this after having your stuff stolen recently.

Ello said...

you got to take the identity theft issue really serious and cut up everything. Good call on calling the cops. He has to know he can't do it at your place anymore. I would have done it sooner!

Robin S. said...


I had the feeling you were gonna move after that break in - is it one of those things where you don't think that will matter? Sounds like that may be the case.

I agree- identity theft is all over the place - and the hassle factor attendant with it is horrendous. We ave a shredder. I feel like a granny using it- but hell. Gotta.

McGarrett, ril? Sounds to me like you're closer to my age, my dear.

Courtney said...

lets see, i've called 911 at least 10 times and i'm 28 years old:
1. several times against evil ex
2. for a neighbor who's husband was hitting her, russian went to her defense!
3.when miche and i's house was broken into
4. &5. when miche and i's car were broken into twice, well her's twice, my car was along for the 2nd ride
6. when galen and i reported a ...really scary wreck we saw on the highway, it still haunts me when i drive
7. & 8. the 2 car wrecks i've been in, someone hit me and the other was dave guerra and i hit someone in an illegal spot of the 2way road
9. ... i'm sure more i can't remember unfortuaely.

i'm a fan of the police, they are very helpful i find.