Monday, June 30, 2008

the onion funny

Through a sort of random chain of blog posts I ended up in a discussion again about language use in describing homosexuality. One item was that the term "homosexual" is favored over "gay" by many social conservative such as the American Family Association. I also pointed out my pet theory again that you can often tell how someone feels about homosexuality by seeing if they use "gay" and "homosexual" more as nouns or as adjectives. Someone who talks about "the gays" is more often socially conservative than someone who says "gay men."

Anyway, through this chain, I ended up at an old Onion (the satire faux news site) piece entitled "Area Homosexual Saves Four From Fire." Cracked me up in a serious way; I think because some people indeed think this way.

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pjd said...

That Onion piece is so sad and funny. Some people really do think like that.

Doctors describe his condition as stable but homosexual.

Interesting notes on what words people use and how those words illuminate their social and political views.