Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet Okole and Hawaiian Humor

One of the most popular Hawaiian albums of all time was Honolulu City Lights by Keola and Kapono Beamer in the mid 70s. The tune Honolulu City Lights itself is quite beautiful and I've embedded a link to it below. Apparently it was covered by the Carpenters in 1978 and that version is on YouTube as well.

However, another tune on the same album is called Sweet Okole and it always cracks me up. Okole, for people who've never lived in Hawaii, is 3 syllables -- oh koh leh. I won't say what the word means, but give you the lyrics. Here you go:

I was sitting on the curb without a nickel
And a pretty little girl passed by on her bicycle.
I must confess I was a little bored
But when she passed by she made my spirits soar.
There was something about her that made me change my mood.

She had a sweet-sweeet okole
She had a sweet-sweeeet okole

There's many fine young men come into this tavern
And you'd think that a glass of beer is what they're after.
They sit alone in the candlelight
They gaze intensely at the many sights.
What do they want to take home with them tonight?

They want a sweet-sweeeet okole
They want a sweet-sweeeet okole

How I love that sweet okole
Everybody needs some sweet okole

There was a fine young wrestler from Kalihi
and he built his big strong body eating sashimi.
Girls would scream wherever he went
It wasn't for his intelligence
They only screamed when he put on his tight black shorts

They were screaming for sweet-sweeet okole
They were screaming for sweet-sweeeet okole

How I love that sweet okole
Everybody needs some sweet okole
Everybody needs some sweet okoooooooooole

In case it isn't clear yet what okole is, click on this link. (Entirely work safe and non-offensive.)

Yes, it's Hawaiian Sweet Bread! Uh-huh.... You can tell it's Hawaiian humor though because of the equal opportunity raciness.

Here's a completely non-silly song if you want to hear Keola and Kapono's voiced from 1976 or so.


writtenwyrdd said...

Bwahahahaha! I knew what it meant!! And the bread link is PRICELESS, Paca!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Okole is not on Honolulu City Lights. I have the original album. It is not on it.