Sunday, July 06, 2008


Hi all. I might remain incognito for a while. I'm due to pick up the questions for my comprehensive exams in 2 weeks and I have some couple thousand pages to read or so before then. Maybe I will poke my head up, but likely not. If not, I will catch you all on the backside. One exception is that I told Robin I'd record something, so I will still try to do that. Hope you are all well.


pjd said...

Break a leg. See you on the far side.

bunnygirl said...

Good luck! I remember my Master's comps and I'm sure Doctoral is Master's-squared. Hang in there!

Robin S. said...

Hey, paca. Don't worry- we'll still be here.

Also - I really do want you to read something for us- BUT- we'll do it in August, too- so if you can't, please don't sweat it, sweetie!

Either way, good luck with your comps!

Shona Snowden said...

Vanishing does seem to be the cool thing to do at the moment.

Good luck!

writtenwyrdd said...

Best wishes on that! A big deal and a big bunch of reading.

ChrisEldin said...

Hope you take lots of pics of cognito. I hear it's beautiful this time of year.