Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Only two days!

Well, I finished the buggers. Me, being me, I finished editing the last essay at 3:45 AM on Monday morning. Got home at 5:00 AM and then left the apartment back for campus at 6:45 AM, very well rested, to turn them in. On the walk home at 4 in the morning, I had this long, hysterical blog post written in my head. It involved anger, humor, impossible fits of strength, and inappropriate words. But, you know, a day later, I'm still really tired and it's time to let the comps go. So forget about it. FYI, this was the writing part of the essays. I will defend them in about three weeks to my dissertation committee. Then it's on to the dissertation -- or to that McDonalds job I've always hoped for.

So since I'm not talking about comps, I'm going to talk about the Olympics.

They start in two days!! Woot! We've been talking ABOUT the Olympics for so long now without any actual Olympics that it's gotten worse than the NFL Draft. I'm excited. Go USA. Go Australia! Go UK! Go.... Spain? Do I still have my reader in Spain? Go Korea! Go China, just don't win everything, okay? We know you are a great world power. We get it. Now stop the inferiority complex. That's America's game. And for all the other countries, yes, I deliberately left you out because I hate you. Particularly Andorra. Tax-haven... smuggling... mountain-living bastards.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being finished. I know how much work you put in, and I know you did well. Get some sleep for life will be brighter after some shut-eye. Muffytrue

pjd said...

Such animosity for Andorra. Interesting. Good on ya, mate, for finishing. I think I'll have another drink to celebrate.

Precie said...

Yay!!!! I'm sure you did a great job! Good luck with the oral defense.

writtenwyrdd said...

Yay! Now sleep and then rehearse your answers. Go Paca! Rah!