Monday, September 22, 2008

Nanny Software?

As you may have gathered, B, and therefore B's parents as well, are into full-blown Godzilla mania right now. To such an extent that yesterday he no longer wanted a Transformers toy for Xmas, but some sort of Godzilla. But that's a long way away, so who knows what we will be into by then.

His first dictionary of sorts is the box that his Godzilla toy came in, which he got for receiving three "you're awesome" medals at after-school care. On the back it lists several different monsters (Godzilla 1960s, Godzilla Millennium, Godzilla Final Wars, Hedorah, Destoroyah, and one more I'm forgetting, maybe Gigan). He's known since he was about 3 how to use a computer mouse, and he's been working on typing a few words he knows like his name into Google or a Word Processor. He made the leap this weekend such that we can go to YouTube, and he will type in "Godzilla vs. Hedorah" to find clips to watch. While one can obviously argue that Godzilla's not the best thing, I think overall it's good. He completely gets now that words are composed of letters, that you can look them up on the back of the box as a reference, and that you can get information about them if you type them into Google or YouTube.

All of which makes me wonder if it will be time soon for one of those protection softwares like Cyber Nanny. Does anyone have any experience with any of them? I'm rather clueless myself. I know they were once famous for blocking content that you'd ideally want someone to have access to, such as not being able to look up breast cancer because of the word breast or blocking real info on people struggling with sexual orientation issues due to an attempt to keep out gay porn. However, all of those concerns are more relevant for teens rather than 5 year olds.

I'm also well aware that software packages don't replace parents. For instance, B is into transformers toy reviews and lego movies on YouTube. The large majority are all fine, but the guys making these sometimes like to call a toy a piece of ---- and use other words I would prefer B not use at least until age 7. There's no way that software's going to catch that. A parent needs to be there to flip to a different toy review.

All that said, I can see some use to a filtering package. Any opinions on this? Any experience with it?


Precie said...

LMAO. The parallelism continues. A large box of Godzillas and stack of related DVDs do reside in my house. Including plastic and plush Godzillas and King Ghidorahs, etc, etc.

Our collection started with this set...which Child received for his 2nd Christmas.

This week we're in Star Wars mode.

Ello said...

I don't have a filtering software but I did ask my brother in law the techie guru to put in something so that the security network won't let them open bad sites. However, rigid policing is important because there is alot that slips through the cracks - like youtube. I will not let them go on youtube unless I am with them!

McKoala said...

I'm going to need one too, I think. That's all the help I can offer.

Soccer Boy was delighted to get a free Megatron at McDs yesterday 'Mum, it's like the one in that boy's movie!'

ChrisEldin said...

"All of these concerns are relevant for teens rather than five year olds.."

Um. No.

At an airport a few years ago, a five-year-old Thing 2 typed into Google "Dirty Mom" and saw a few bodacious boobs before I could click out. He was hoping to see mothers covered in mud or laundry or whatever five year olds think of. They think of a lot.

There is filtering software on my computer, and I have it enabled. Once in a while it will block safe stuff which I then have to override, but it only takes a minute.

Good luck!!

Three awesome awards is way cool!

pacatrue said...

Sorry for the confusion, Chris. I meant that worries about breast cancer research and sexual orientation are not quite 5 year-old concerns. :) Anyway, which filtering software did you go with?

ChrisEldin said...

Hi Paca,

Oops... Sorry.

I'm using whatever came with the computer. It's in the control panel--set up parental controls, etc. I still look over their shoulders though.