Sunday, September 28, 2008

Non-Profit Donations Rant

Two or three years ago I gave $20 to the USO because I think they do important work, we are in the middle of two wars, and I live in an area surrounded by military families. So far, so good. But the USO just does. not. stop. in its attempts to get more. Every couple months, at least, since then, we've gotten another letter asking for another donation. I used to do a lot of reading on managing non-profits when I was a head of our local arts center in suburban/rural Tennessee, so I know why they are doing this. And it's not the constant mailings that are bugging me. It's that I'd swear they've now blown the entire $20 we gave them trying to get another $20. These aren't just simple letters we are getting. We've got glossies and several page brochures. They need to stop. I feel like I need to give another $20, not because the USO does good things and I still support that, which is the right reason, but just so my first $20 don't go completely to waste.

So from now on, I will still send a donation to the USO, but I think I will do it anonymously. Either that, or I will just stick cash-filled envelopes in some military neighbor's mailbox.

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Sarah Laurenson said...

Um, yep. It's a real pain that they send and send and send. I think the envelope of money in some military family's mailbox sounds like a much better use of your donation. Is it tax deductible?