Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whoppers of 2008 just published a nice summary of each campaign's misleadings, stretches, mischaracterizations, and outright lies. Since I think Obama is a better choice overall for the U.S., I'd love it if only the other team had these, but, alas, all campaigns mischaracterize their opponent. The major difference seems to be that the Obama campaign frequently (though not always) backs off when errors/falsehoods are pointed out, while the McCain campaign doesn't seem to particularly care and repeats them. But maybe that's false.

Here's the link. You decide.

This information's probably more useful not to judge which campaign is the more morally upstanding one, but just so you know what some of the basic facts are. Will Obama raise taxes on all of us? (No.) Will McCain put all of social security in the stock market? (No.)

It looks like the election season is keeping these people busy. In the last three days, they've addressed:

McCain claims Obama's just sat around silent while he (McCain) worked on the bailout. (Completely false.)
Does Sarah Palin support shooting wolves from planes for sport? (No. This charge is from a 3rd party; nothing to do with Obama.)
A 3rd party misleads on Obama's position on abortion, and Obama responds by misleading on McCain's (but maybe not Palin's) position on abortion.
McCain tries to smear Obama because he's from Chicago. (Egregious guilt by association claims.)

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