Thursday, September 11, 2008

You can influence the election

I just read a terrific analysis of this year's presidential electoral map from Al Giordano. In short, it's really, really tied and the single thing that will decide the election, even more than normal, is likely to be the ground game.

As the article states, "the 2008 presidential election is about registering those voters mentioned above, and getting them out to vote. Period. End of story. Little else matters."

If you have a strong opinion about the next President, be it McCain or Obama, and particularly if you live in a battleground state (Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, maybe Mississippi), it really might be worth your time to volunteer locally.

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Precie said...

Yes, I can influence the election. And I was pleased on Saturday when I happened to drive past a local Obama office that had lots of people milling outside it. That's exciting.


1) I know there are people who intend to vote against Obama because they are racist. (I mean, I know at least one person's painful.)

2) I know people who choose not to register because they don't want to get called for jury duty. (Can't even begin to talk about the many issues I have with that.)

Sadly, considering my immediate circle of influence, I don't know that trying to influence the election beyond my individual vote is really ideal. Wow, that's even more cynical than I usually am, which is saying something.