Friday, October 10, 2008

Change is afoot

Well, I just sent an email resigning from my journal position at the end of the semester.


Haven't resigned from a job in 5 years or so. It should be good news, though. I was offered the chance to teach an upper level course in language acquisition (how kids learn to talk) in the Spring semester. It will look far better for me on the CV to have 3.5 years of editing plus experience teaching an upper level course, than it would to have 4 years of editing. It was something of a financial risk at the start, because there was no guarantee of funding past next semester. My advisor and I hope to be finishing up the dissertation around then (paca falls over laughing hysterically for about 10 minutes and then gets back up to type), so this would just be a little incentive. However, a grant apparently came through that would provide funding in the Fall as well if I am still around.

And so I just sent a long email resigning from the journal.

So there.

I'm going to be really busy for the rest of this year. Currently, I'm not really employable. I've got good grades, hopefully good recs, and now teaching two upper-level courses. But I've got zero pubs and that's just a complete no-go as far as getting hired. I've got that paper on Korean apologies that's been submitted to a journal since April, but so far we've heard nothing. In short, I'm going to have to rip out some publications over the next few months so that I've got a fighting chance at being paid for this one day. It's possible my internet version will be around a lot less, but we will see.

In other fun academic-ey news, a student in Australia wrote to me today asking if she could cite the Apology paper that's on my web site in a course paper of hers. (Since the paper isn't published yet and is a draft, I have a request to ask before citing. If it was actually published, people would just cite as they please.) While it's only a course paper, I think this will be my first ever citation. wahoo.

And, finally, the department is going to write up a text book for our intro to language course, and I'm currently scheduled to write the essay on "computers and language" or as I call it "talking to robots". Any of you ever had a question about anything related to computers and language? Such as... how does the computer at American Airlines understand me, or why does it never understand me? How does Google Translate work? Will we ever be able to talk to computers like we talk to people? Is text messaging destroying English? Etc. Any questions you have on this? Maybe they will end up in a textbook.



Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

Does the autocomplete feature prompt people to choose different words than they normally would?

Robin S. said...

Do the computerized chicks on those phone answering things count?

You know, the ones that I yell at and simply say 'representative' over and over and over to until they send me to a...representative?

If so, I have questions - such as, can they tell I'm angry by the tone of my voice, and one of the reasons I'm angry is that they are always so damn calm, and I sometimes think they're real, when I'm tired, or wish they were, anyway, because I'm tired of talking to computerized chicks?

Very cool, by the way. SURELY this textbook will count as a pub cred??

ChrisEldin said...

This is really great news, Paca!! Congratulations all around. Sounds like a positive transition at a good point in your life.

I have a question. Iron Man. The movie---is that kind of computer/language technology out there now? You know, the part where he's talking to the robot and the robot understands....
Not really a great question I guess. Just an excuse to talk about Robert Downey Jr.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Paca! Congratulations on all the good news. I am very happy for you. muffytrue

Sarah Laurenson said...

Congrats, Paca! Hope you enjoy the new gig.

Precie said...

YAY, Paca!!! I totally agree with your career move. Most excellent. (Plus, I'm fascinated by language acquisition.)

Here's another question regarding computerized phone thingees...How do they account for regional accents (if indeed they do)?


Does computer-based language learning tend to speed up language acquisition, compared with more traditional (classroom) language instruction?

Ello said...

Congrats Paca! Great news on the teaching job! I am psyched for you!!!

Precie said...

One more...How have computers affected the codification of language?