Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of my favorite things in the world

The linked YouTube video is one of my absolute favorite songs in the world and I encourage a listen. However, it is in fact a 9.5 minute quiet jazz/r&b track, which, well, it's not like anyone's going to listen to it and tap their feet or laugh. It's instead calming and intelligent, perfect for nighttime with headphones, not listening to at work over YouTube as a bit of procrastination. But I offer it nonetheless.

Some things to listen for include the terrific drumming, particularly during the solos, which enlivens the lead instruments without overpowering them; the classic jazz structure with an intro, theme, solos for each lead instrument, and then back to theme and an outro; the great ways that each instrument announces its presence by echoing each other's entrance; and the odd guitar solo that's so understated you don't realize you are in his solo until half-way there.

How's that for overanalyzing something? And, yes, K-Box, much to your chagrin, it's Kool & the Gang. This is from 1974 and shows off where they got their first name, the Jazziacs.

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