Saturday, October 18, 2008

Senate voting records

Here's a link to 50 key Senate votes for Obama and McCain. Most of it is predictable. For instance, we know Obama is pro-choice and McCain not. Such votes all fall where you'd predict. The section on energy did stand out to me, because it's less clear where McCain stands on energy issues. Until the last few months, McCain had not always held the standard Republican views on energy, such as he voted to keep ANWR closed to drilling more than once. He also has a Lexington Project or some such for alternative energies and his energy commercials show pictures of windmills and such. And yet if you look at his Issue page, his proposals don't call for anything specific with regard to either solar or wind. So where does he stand? Anyway, you can see his voting record on energy here nice and quick. Of course other people will find other items of note.

The link.

Ooh, and here's a list of McCain and Obama's legislative accomplishments over the 109th and 110th. This is even more enlightening to me as it really does give you a sense of where each person's focus is. Obama's stuff seems to relate to taking care of vets, education, lobbying reform, and democracy promotion in Africa. McCain's items focus on Arizona, border control, government contracts, and contracts related to our military forces abroad. These are the things that both men actually took the time to write or be the primary supporters for, and which passed. It seems like a good guess that these reflect their own interests.

That link

OK, and the whole Open Congress web site looks amazing. You can track stuff by committee, by legislator, and the Tools page lets you track individual bills through widgets and Facebook applications. Pretty awesome stuff.

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