Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Country Proposal

I just turned my dissertation proposal in to the committee about an hour ago. Now, I have to schedule a defense, probably for the first week of December. Assuming I'll pass, then I'll really be ABD, "all but dissertation". So that's what I've been doing.

To tide us over then, here's another music post. I only own maybe 3 country albums at best, along with about 5 bluegrass (which I don't really consider country). However, I've always had a soft sport for Don Williams. Here he is singing "You're My Best Friend" from the late 70s or something. He's got that super warm baritone that makes you all fuzzy like Bing, except that he doesn't sound a thing like Bing.


Robin S. said...

I can't imagine you not passing your defense. Go get 'em!

Ello said...

Good luck!!!!!!

But argh on the country music. Me don't like.