Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spam Musubi!!

Ello has been requesting a Hawaii recipe. I'm not sure this is exactly what she had in mind, but it doesn't get any more Hawaii local than spam musubi. This is what you buy near the cash register at 7-11 in Hawaii instead of a sausage biscuit or potato log. (Mmmm... potato logs. I can remember the Chevron in Mississippi on the corner of University and Lamar right now...) Musibi are actually one of B's favorite foods, though he does take the nori off, so I decided to attempt making my own. Let's see. You need:

2 cups uncooked rice
water to cook rice
one can delicious spam
a package of nori
soy sauce
oyster sauce
furikake seasonings

First cook the rice and then let it sit to cool. You need it to be cool enough that you can pat it into shapes. There are such things as musubi molds, but if you have one of those, you don't need this recipe. Other recipes have you shape it in the spam can itself, but I just hand-molded, as will be obvious from the pic. My technique is not so hot yet. 2 cups may seem like a lot, and it is, but I used pretty much all of it.

Slice up the spam into thin slices. You usually get 9-10 per can. While the rice is cooking, marinate the spam slices in soy sauce, oyster sauce, and honey (sugar is very common, too). After it's marinated a while, fry up the slices in a skillet, no oil needed, for a couple minutes on each side.

Take a couple sheets of nori and, using a sharp knife, slice them so that a strip will cover about a third of the musubi when made (see pics below).

Sprinkle some furikake seasonings in your rice and stir around. Then wet your hands, grab a clump of rice, and shape it into a rice cake the shape of the spam slice. They should match as closely as possible. You adjust the amount of rice by increasing the thickness. Place the rice cake on a strip of nori. Maybe sprinkle a bit of furikake on top again, maybe a little more soy, and then place a slice of spam on there. Wrap the ends of the nori up and around and press the ends together.

Done. You can wrap them up and freeze them pretty easy. Just this morning I stuck a frozen musubi from this batch in B's backpack for a snack at school.


Ello said...

Ok they look absolutely delicious - and to be fair, in my house, I know that Da Man, Oldest, Angus and even Youngest would love them. But I really detest the stuff. I am forced to eat it at times because Da Man loves the stuff and cooks it up for the girls but GAH!

However, that aside, I LOVE that you posted the recipe for it!

Thanks paca!

writtenwyrdd said...

Paca, I eat spam about once a decade. Spam time came up last month, and it literally made me sick to my stomach. So I'm afraid while the mind is willing, the flesh is weak. I used to like fried spam, though.

sylvia said...

Hmmm, I tried making spam sushi once and it wasn't very nice. But now I see you have marinaded it! I'm gong to try this using your recipe.

Mica said...

I haven't been eating spam for a few years from now but when I do, I enjoy spam musubi. Love this!