Saturday, November 22, 2008

Textbook Outline

Below is my working outline for the intro to language textbook chapter I am supposed to writing. There's no possible way I can even pretend to cover all this. I wonder what I will cut when the time comes?

Talking to Robots: From People to Computers to People again

1. Talking to people using computers
a. omg, u talk diff n txt msgs
i. How the language of chat and messaging differs from other forms of the language
ii. Do YouTube comments reveal the impending destruction of our civilization, or not so much?
b. Using the internet to preserve language, heritage, and culture
i. At last, someone to talk to!
1. Maintaining Polish in Australia
2. Practicing heritage Korean in California
3. Learning Choctaw around the world
ii. Let no one forget
1. Digital archives for the scholar and for the community
c. I have no idea how to speak your language but I want to talk to you anyway using my trusty Speech-o-Matic!
i. History and prospects for machine translation
ii. Why translation isn't just replacing my word with your word
2. Talking to the Robot
a. How do I get a computer to understand me?
i. robot, do you understand the words that are coming outta my mouth?
1. Computer customer support: love it or hate it?
ii. So, is this a reduced relative clause or a matrix verb? Making a computer figure out the difference
iii. I know what you mean
iv. Wait, does a computer know what anything means?
3. Which one is the Robot? Me or C3PO?
a. Language bots
i. What a bot has to know to talk to you
ii. Using bots to learn languages
b. The Turing test and being human
c. Learning how we talk by making a computer talk
d. Or is it making a computer talk by learning how we talk?


McKoala said...

Chapter? Maybe you need to write a whole book.

pjd said...

So... DO youtube comments foretell the impending destruction of our civilization? What exactly is "our" civilization? And is it really destruction if it results in the elimination of things like hanging chads and call-in talk radio?

writtenwyrdd said...

That is the outline for two or three books. What's the book about specifically and your chapter specifically going to focus on?