Friday, December 19, 2008

More karaoke!

I did another tune! This time I'm pretending to be the old Bingle, Bing Crosby, singing Swinging on a Star. I have about his range naturally, so I always like singing tunes he made famous. Instead of an embed, here's the link:

As you can see from the link, I am part of Sing Snap, under the name pacatrue. (In fact, I think this link might take you to a list of everything I've done, which is a total of 2 songs. I'm thinking of doing a Christmas song weekand then an 80s nostalgia week, but I rarely have discipline to follow such things.)It seems good, but I don't have tons of experience. I went by an earlier link in my Google list and it seemed all too contemporary. I'm really not too good with the Jay-Z or the Kelly Clarkson. But Sing snap had older and newer stuff, though not really enough old skool r&B, meaning no Isley Brothers! no Kool and the Gang! but I'll live.

If anyone wants to join Sing Snap and have an 80s throw down, yell.


moonrat said...

YES!!! i KNEW you were one of us!!!

Courtney said...

i'm in, i'll do an 80's thrown down with ya!!

pacatrue said...

Alright, sis. Tell me when you've got a Sing Snap account (or some other one) and we'll choose a song.