Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My first Karaoke!

Moonie will be so proud.

Several weeks ago I was sitting in a hotel restaurant working when I heard some karaoke coming from the hotel bar. I was dragged on to a karaoke stage by friends about 10 years ago, but otherwise I've been karaoke free during my time on earth. However, they were singing great classic tunes in the bar that night like Sinatra and Dean Martin, and it sounded like real fun. And so I've been working up the courage to try karaoke again. I haven't actually succeeded in that yet.

But. Tonight I found various sites where you can do online karaoke, and I've been singing ever since B went to bed. For a while I was attempting to be serious and passably good. Never really pulled that off. But then I realized I can be silly and stupid and that worked pretty well. And so with much ado, I now present to you my first ever solo karaoke in my life.

Elvis' Blue Christmas. There are some technical weird things about this process and there's some weird things as well about the singer, so I'm a bit off rhythmically until the second verse. I'm just off tonically after that. Anyone wants to have online karaoke duels in the future.... you are totally on.


pjd said...

My brother just sent my kids "garage band" for the wii for xmas. I'll try that first and let you know how that works out. I used to think I could sing. I even tried out for the college men's octet my senior year even though I knew my only chance was that if all the other candidates died before their auditions, and even then it would be fifty-fifty. They probably would have gone to a men's septet, then sextet, etc. before allowing me to join.

Dude, you have a thing or two to learn about hustling. If you want to sucker people into competing against you, you need to start with something bad.

pacatrue said...

If you want bad, I should have not deleted my version of Otis Redding's Sittin on the Dock of the Bay. That was pretty bad. However, badness is still coming. I'm working up to Styx' Mr. Roboto.

McKoala said...

I'm going to echo PJD. Princess is getting Sing Star for the playstation at Christmas, so I'll practice and come back to you.

Oh, but, I can't sing...

McKoala said...

BTW, can't listen to your brilliance because I just get a blank screen for some reason.

Phoenix said...

Your singing voice - much sexier than your speaking voice thingie (although that milk line was pretty yummy). Can you sing the instructions ;o)

Great ... now I have to go look for online karaoke sites and I really don't have the time and it's all YOUR fault.

Oh, Hi by the way!

Precie said...

1) Crap. Not only the lure of karaoke but also the convenience of online karaoke.

2) Compounded by Blue Christmas. dammit.

3) No site links?