Thursday, January 01, 2009

Assessing 2008

Apparently, I came up with another big list of goals for 2008 on this blog, so that must mean it is time for me to assess how I did. I think it's worth noting that I write these lists up, don't really edit them for reasonableness, and then rarely look at them during the year. With that sort of serious approach, let's see how things went:

1) Pass Comprehensive Exams. I actually did this! Check.
2) Have Dissertation Proposal Approved. Holy crap, I actually did this, too. On like December 8, but a check is a check. Check.
3) Three Chapters of dissertation written. I guess not, but my proposal is actually around 60-70 pages, so if the research turns out, that's a couple chapters written that will be reused. Half check.
4) Run Honolulu Marathon in 4hours 20 minutes. Ahem. Uh, no. I maybe ran 4 hours and 20 minutes over the year's time. Maybe.
5) 25 minute 5K. This is looking worse and worse.
6) 34" waist. OK, I hate this list now.
7) Three minimally embarrassing songs recorded and shared with you folk. Well, I absolutely didn't have karaoke in mind when I wrote this one, but if karaoke counts, I've embarrassed myself at least minimally about 10 times now. Check?
8) B takes swimming lessons. No, but there was about a 2 month period where we were taking him to the pool every week. Halfcheck. No, quarter check.
9) I want to learn to go body boarding. I went body boarding once. I think what I did indeed counts as bodyboarding even though the nearby labrador was moving faster than me and he didn't have a board. Then I slice my foot open on some coral. Check!
10) Maybe I will start a recipe book! No, but I've continued adding recipes to this blog some. 1/2 check.
11) Korean apology paper published. No, but this totally isn't my fault. Submitted the damn thing in April and the journal still hasn't gotten a single review back to me. 9 months is f-ing ridiculous. But they say their reviewers are supposed to respond in the new year. Perhaps in December of the new year. I get a 3/4 check for that.
12) Korean apology paper 2 written and submitted. Half check. The research is under way and we've collected a bunch of data.
13) American apology paper started. This is actually the same as above, so complete check here.
14) One N and Paca only night a month. No, not really so much. That's not a good failure, is it?
15) Two short stories. Do the chapters of my dissertation proposal count as fiction? If not, then no check for me.
16) Four day vacation. Well, we went to Maui for a long weekend for the 10th anniversary. I'm checking this one.
17) Independent dissertation funding. Uh, no, but I have switched jobs, so that's a 3/4 check.
18) Do a good hike once a month. No.
19) Sleep regularly. Completely failed at this unless sleeping 4 hours a night regularly counts. Boo me.
20) Don't stress out. 1/4 check.
21) Don't actually do every idea you come up with, because that's insane. Hell, yeah. I definitely didn't do every idea I came up with, like half this list. That gives me a complete check.

OK, let's sum up. If each goal is worth a point, then 21 points are available for the taking. I seem to have earned 10.5 check points over 2008, which is exactly a 50% success percentage. I could beef it up by saying that the dissertation is more important than writing short stories, but then I'd have to say that the N and Me time is just as important, so my weighted successes would be canceled out by weighted failures.

I'll take it. Now to think of some goals for 2009....


Robin S. said...

Personally, with the long list and the many areas of interest, I'd say you did really well.

Most people have a very short list.
Like one item.

What about hitting this list again, saying OK, now that I've done a larhe portion, I'll do the rest - at least the ones that still matter to me?

Sarah Laurenson said...

Half your list is pretty damn good. A lot of people quit halfway through January and don't even get the first thing done.

Have you added up the total before? Are you improving? I think steady growth towards meeting more of your goals is great. And this was a really good list.

My wife and I have trouble with getting away for a weekend. We talk about it, but it never seems to happen. Something for us to work on this year.

pjd said...

Ha. There is a sublime brilliance in the last item. A nice way to guarantee that at least one resolution is met! Pretty ambitious list IMHO.