Sunday, January 04, 2009

Brainstorming 2009

Three years in a row now I've come up with impossible half-assed goals for the coming year. It's almost entirely failed to motivate me in any practical manner and therefore it's clearly time to do it again. Here we go. In 2009, I may or may not:

1) Finish Dissertation. (Really should do this one. This also implies doing things like getting a job, but I'm going to ignore that for the rest of this list).
2) Submit 2nd paper with J-W. (This is further work on Korean and cross-cultural politeness).
3) 25 minute 5K (Repeat goal from last year.)
4) Average 7 hours of sleep per diem. At night. Falling asleep on the floor of an office doesn't count.
5) More recipes!
6) Read two fiction novels. (Moonbat has likely accomplished this already.)
7) Paca and N night once a month.
8) Attend 2 parties/dinners with classmates. No cafeterias can be involved in this.
9) Watch Titans win Superbowl. I have no control over this, but it would be very very nice. If they actually get to the superbowl, I'm planning a watching party already.)
10) Spit out that paper on poverty of the stimulus and causation finally. (I know this goal makes no sense to anyone but me.)
11) Pursue 2 of the most worthy research projects from the acquisition class' work.
12) Be organized for almost all classes I teach each day.
13) Get B enrolled in some sort of activity. (We always talk about it but never do it. Probably dance.)
14) Attend sister's wedding.
15) Work through first Korean language book.

Hey, good enough. I'm going to largely ignore them anyway. (OK, I really will show up to my sister's wedding.) 15 is so few, however, that these might actually be possible. Not sure I can handle that.


Chris Eldin said...

Number 1 and Number 7 --- definitely doable and will add to the happiness level of your life!
Good luck with all of them!

I really only have one, which is related to writing. I'm going to take this year and treat my writing as more a career than a hobby. I'm going to allow myself to take myself seriously. But I've also told myself that I'm not going to continue writing for an indefinite number of years as an unpublished writer. I want this to be the year, and am going to work really hard for it.

Happy New Year, cutie Paca.

McKoala said...

But when will you have time to fit in your Argentinean?

Good luck with these!