Friday, January 16, 2009

More Random - No Cleverish Number

We were out to dinner this evening, discussing various purchases, and walking around Circuit City, and I had a few realizations:

1) As an adult, I've never had cable TV.**
2) As an adult, I've never had a bed frame. (Dim memory suggests maybe I did around college or shortly after, so perhaps a bed frame over 10 years ago.)
3) I've never owned a gaming system. When I was about 9, my parents bought the Odyssey 2 system from Magnavox (Odyssey 1 might pre-date Atari), but I've never bought one myself.

I believe all three of these things are somewhat unusual for my age and social group.

4) I just read a rather cool article about the history of printing and the possible connections between Korean printing and European Printing a la Gutenberg. Apparently, the earliest printing using metal moveable type was in Korea. The article makes some speculative suggestions about the relationships between the European publishing industry, the technology, and the writing systems. Here's the article.

5) On a quiz, apparently, my font is Helvetica. Industry standard, reliable, but a bit boring.

**As a note, Hawaii was the first to dump analog broadcasting and move to the new digital signal. We made the switch on Thursday. We have the digital converter box but haven't tried it out yet. All the old analog stations just play videos about how to switch to digital now.


Robin S. said...

I just took the quiz. I'm Times New Roman, which apparently means I'm either timeless, or a snob.
Hmmmmm. I choose timeless.

McKoala said...

I'm Helvetica too. Boring, moi? Don't believe a word of it!

We don't have cable and we still use Mr Koala's bed frame from his college years. We did, however, buy an LCD tv in the sales this year and retire the old colour portable (we don't watch that much tv, I tend to read, but the kids were pleased!).

Two gaming systems, though. The first came when Soccer Boy was six, so you're heading into the zone.... And, um, they look so much better on LCD.... And that iPod, it's going to sound so cool with speakers. And, um, three computers that all do different things for me.

I'm turning into a nerd. And with all that tech spending, is it any wonder we still have the college bed frame?

xensen said...

Hi, I'm the guy who wrote the article about Gutenberg and the Koreans. I took the quiz and I too am Helvetica. (Which can't be right, as I prefer Univers.)

blogless troll said...

I'm Helvetica too. I think Robin took the wrong quiz.

Robin S. said...

I feel like such a font outcast.

Or maybe I did take the wrong quiz. There's always that hope!

Sammy Jankis said...

My font is Impact, apparently indicating that I spend far too much time on the internetz. If it'5 not 0nl1ne, i7 d03n't 3xist ph0r u.

I disagree, I'm so biergarten.