Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not Random Facts at All

1) You know you have a no nonsense dentist when he chastises you for bleeding too much, making it hard for him to work.

2) It turns out that some students put off work and don't care about your class. Who knew?

3) I bought my first day calendar yesterday. The thing's already filled up for next week. I can see how these things become a crutch fast. One day later I'm acting like, "if it's not written in my calendar, it doesn't exist."

4) Here's randomness. N is a rampant sheet stealer. And so we actually keep two sheets on the bed. One is actually on the bed from when we made it up. The other stays next to it for me when she's stolen all the covers. I use it almost every night. Unfortunately for me, we only discovered this stunning solution last year.

5) B is a ring bearer in my sister's wedding in April. B calls himself "the ring burier." I hope he doesn't do any burying of the ring during the ceremony. Anyway, he's supposed to wear a kilt. That should be interesting.

6) Speaking of my sister, she's now finishing up her "externship" at Chocolat in Fredericksburg, Texas. I believe they've agreed for her to stay on permanently afterwards. The place specializes in a Swiss technique for making liquid center chocolates, where there's some spun sugar shell that holds the liquid inside. Unfortunately, she's not working in that part of the store and, even if she was, she has to sign some agreement to never tell anyone how it's done or they remove her head. So we may never know. We'll just have to ask her how to make lots of other non-head-removing chocolates. But sounds like a fun job regardless. Sorry, irregardless. I put that it for Precie's enjoyment.


Robin S. said...

Oh my God. Irregardless. A non-word that honestly makes my skin crawl. You're good, Dr. P. You're VERY good.

Catch a pic of B in his kilt, will ya? That sounds so cute!

Love the sheet thing. I have extra blankets on my side, too, even though JB kicks them off. I need layering. I just do. It's a hoot about figuring your dilemma out last year. Hey - it happens.

Bevie said...

Amazing revelation in #2. Wow!

That's true about schedules. They become your master.

Spouse has always taken the blankets, too. After just one year (it'll be 30 this November [smiles]) I went out and purchased a blanket just for me. Now that's how we make the bed. Doesn't look pretty, but then no one's supposed to be in there but us anyway.

Love to have the chocolate job. You don't happen to know if they're hiring do you? I'm willing to relocate.

Mommy to Ander and Loki said...

Don't let Alan try to claim I steal the sheets. I do NOT. He throws them off of himself and on to me, during my sleep. It's his fault, I swear. ;)

Oh, and your FIRST calendar? OMG. I live by my pda.

Courtney said...

not random facts:

galen and i sleep with 2 comforters because he makes a cocoon for one with his, only his eyes and nose peak out.

i do love making a chocolate for a living. i with be a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu (pastry chef/chocolatier) in 13 days! (feb. 13)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B will have to bury the ring pillow as well, his fake ring will be attached to it, lol, i kinda wanna see him try.

i think Thomas and B are gonna be soooooo adorable in their kilts, besides, the groom his wearing his family one!