Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Facts NC-17D

I am aware that I've only used this blog in the last month or more to talk about linguistics or karaoke. I really think that's about it. Things are happening in my life, such as we started the new semester on Monday and I'm teaching away already. Child Speech is the class and I have 25 or so eager beavers. However, it always seems too tiring to talk about one's life and I never get around to it. The result is linguistics and karaoke. So here are some random facts about me.

1) This evening I captured 3rd place in the musicals contest. My last number was the lovely I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General song from Pirates of Penzance. I'm not sure how I managed to get higher than 2 other finalists with that, but it was fun to do. And you are thinking: This is just another karaoke post!!!

2) I'm currently 35, but my beard, when I let it grow, is pretty much gray all over now. It used to have gray bits; now it has brown bits. I don't keep a beard usually, but I'm rather poor at shaving regularly, so grayish scruff comes and goes.

3) I'm awfully fond of milk.

4) Crap, I better come up with some more random facts, or it'll be linguistics and karaoke all over again. (Monty Python Quote from their skit Novel Writing, "Oh, it looks like Tess of the d'Urbervilles all over again."**) As a teen, I was quite definitely one of those guys who quoted Monty Python all the time, such as reciting entire sketches and knowing every cheese mentioned in the cheese shop bit. When visiting various British locations (it's been a few years now), I'd even stop in cheese shops to compare. I don't do that very much now. Actually, I still like cheese shops.

5) B is completely into Star Wars right now. He's young enough that he actually thinks Episode I and II are good! This has involved lots of light saber duels unfortunately. I've fought duels in parks, on the beach under Diamond Head, on the sidewalks of Waikiki,.... I'm definitely not going to get asked out by some vixen if I continue this behavior. My exact character assignment changes a lot, but B seems to like being the apprentice a lot and calls me Master. It's good to be the Master. Now, if there were only a connection between his calling me Master and his behavior towards me.

6) I'll host a March Madness Yahoo tournament as it has been requested.

7) I'm completely, totally done with the journal now. Even turned my keys in. OK, I'm still answering questions some, but I'm basically done.

8) In theory I'm training now to run a 25 minute 5K, which is just under 8-minute miles. I've got a little Word table with my weekly running schedule and all. I'm only in week 2 now, which involved 15 minutes of walking and running one 10-minute mile. The theory is to increase the running and decrease the walking until I'm running 30 minutes at a slow pace. Then I will start adding in segments at faster paces until I get there. It's sort of farlek training for those in the know. And, crazy or not, I've even extended the Word table another page after the 5K to train for the Honolulu Marathon in December. As I've said, it's week 2, so we'll see how this goes. When I completed the Country Music Marathon in 2001 or so, N asked me if I wanted to do another one and gave a big hearty 'no'.

9) Linguistics.

That's all she wrote!

**The authors among us might actually enjoy the novel writing sketch. It imagines Thomas Hardy writing Return of the Native as a spectator sport with play-by-play. The first sentence only takes 3 hours.


Robin S. said...

Thanks for the random things!

I started chuckling out loud,, thinking of you and B out in the park, etc., dueling, and him calling you Master. What a hoot!
You're a good Dad.

And yay for March Madness! Thanks for that. Hope you never tire of playing games with us, Dr.Obi-Wan!

blogless troll said...

I agree with Robin on the lightsaber duels, but I have some questions. What's the "D" in NC-17D mean? And define "fond".

pacatrue said...

Well, I always try to come up with semi-random numbers to attach to my "random facts" post. NC-17 is the Enterprise, and don't the various editions have a different letter after the NC-17? But I don't really know which letter goes with which show.

Fond: I like to bathe in milk when I'm all alone with candles lit and Barry White playing. OK, I just happened to drink a couple glasses before blogging and enjoyed them.

pjd said...

My high school had a "Non-Talent Talent Show" each year. When I was a senior, I played the feudal lord (I forget his name in the movie) in the witch-burning sketch. On stage. In front of my entire high school and most of their families. (Including all the cool kids because they actually had band acts playing things like Van Halen's "Jump" and such (which was current at the time).) I can still quote much of many Monty Python movies, and my current Netflix selection is Life of Brian.

I, too, have had my share of light saber battles in various public places. Fortunately, we acquired a Little Brother shortly after we acquired the Star Wars Obsessed Son. So mostly they battle imaginary Sith lords together and don't need my involvement. Frequently I play the part of the medic.

Looking forward to March Madness.