Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Bowl Picks

Considering the way the NFL playoffs are going so far, I now pick the San Diego Chargers** versus the Arizona Cardinals to play in the Super Bowl with the Cardinals winning. Why? Because those were the two absolute worst teams to squeak into the playoffs and because it makes absolutely no sense -- just like the results of the games so far. That's why. I'd pick the 0 and 16 Detroit Lions to win it all if I could.

**Yes, perhaps I should wait until the Charger and Steelers game is over today to make this pick.


Robin S. said...

I miss the sports things you set up, paca. Can we do the college basketball one this winter/spring?

pacatrue said...

Hi Robin,

We can do a March Madness tournament I think. I contemplated it for the NFL playoffs, but it's good I didn't. I'd be dead already.

McKoala said...

Heh heh, would love another chance to use my Failsafe System. Yanno. The one that failed last year.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Not big on football anymore. I could pick, but I would have no idea what's going on with the teams.

Are we not playing trivia these days? I don't have the direct link saved. Is this a conspiracy? Yeah, yeah, that's it. An ozzie conspiracy.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Never mind. Found the link in your sidebar.

It's Monday dude. Not funny. ;-)

pacatrue said...

Bruhahahaaaaaa. Ahem-cough-cough.

Sorry for the confusion, Sarah. It was not intentional. I'd kept that link at the top for a year and some by having the date set to 2009. Then 2009 showed up. I kept trying to put a new post up for 2010, but Blogger refused to publish it and kept calling it "scheduled". Eventually, I gave up and put the link on the right. I'm glad you found it.

Yeah, sooooo glad. (j/k.)

Robin S. said...

Oh, I'm glad Sarah asked! I was worried we weren't playing daily any more, and I was depressed.

Yessss to March madness!!!

pjd said...

I'd pick the 0 and 16 Detroit Lions to win it all if I could.

Not the Raiders? I think in the Superbowl, the Raiders might actually beat the Lions.