Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Makapu-u

Last Monday on President's Day, we made our annual pilgrimage to a whale watching spot. This time, it was makapu'u point, the far eastern tip of Oahu. Humpbacks particularly love the cloistered whale sanctuary next to Maui, but they do come over to the eastern side of Oahu as well. Or so people say. This is our 5th attempt to see a whale from the supposed whale watching places, but have never had luck.

Until this year!

Unfortunately, there are no pictures. It's hard to spot those buggers from a few hundred feet up. You're always seeing waves and wondering if it's a splash. But this time, both N and I saw spouts, we're pretty dang sure, and then I think I saw a couple backs. But then that was it. Of course a whale can stay underwater for an hour and more, so you might have to be patient for the next spout.

I've already posted about Makapu'u Point before and here's a couple pictures from that post.

However, at the top of most of these ridges/mountain tops, the army built lookouts during WWII, and so I took some pics of those this time. It's hard nowadays to think of anyone invading Hawaii, but of all the places most likely to be attacked by the Japanese army then, Hawaii makes the most sense. And N pointed out that Midway, with the Battle of Midway, is actually part of the northern Hawaiian islands. (I guess "invade" is a better term than "attack". I am aware of the Pearl Harbor thing.)

Anyway, here's what they look like with a chubby dad and a windblown son standing in front. You can see the concrete block remains of two of the outposts.

And one by itself.

Since they've been abandoned for 60 years, they've been graffitied.

And here's a couple pictures of the view. First up, Sea Life Park and Makapu'u Beach. Sea Life Park is where you go to watch the dolphin shows.

And the bigger island is Rabbit Island, so-called because it's supposed to be rabbit-shaped, vaguely, not because rabbits live on it. It's actually home to lots of seabirds. You can see that it's very dry on this side of the island by all the cacti.


writtenwyrdd said...

Paca, the only time I've seen whales from the shore is at Sea World. I lived on the California coast a major portion of my life and every time I stoon on a Rte 1 lookout, never saw one.

But a Monterey Bay whale watch boat tour paid off big time. Unfortunately, photos even from a boat that's had a whale breech about 10 yards away are still difficult to spot the whales in!

You make me wish I was back in hawaii, particularly bcause it's in the 20s right now and we are expecting 2' of snow!

pjd said...

Wow. Clearly, my wife and I made a mistake in planning our spring break trip to England instead of Hawaii. What were we thinking?

Once we stayed at a resort just outside Cabo San Lucas, and the whales were just hanging out nearly the entire week just a few hundred yards off the shore.