Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pork Tenderloin and Strawberry Shortbiscuits

Here are a couple more recipes, since I know you folk can't wait for more recipes. OK, they aren't really recipes at all, because they aren't of sufficient quality to share, so maybe they are just ideas.

Pork Tenderloin Smorgasbord

Anyway, a week ago, there was a sale on pork tenderloins, so pork tenderloins graced the household. (Apologies to all the vegetarians for the top part of this post; you may like the second part, unless you are vegan.) What's on sale at Safeway and Foodland pretty much determine the menu in the Paca household. The only exceptions are special occasions... and milk. Always buy milk.

Tenderloins as you may recall typically come two to a package in the U.S., so last Monday I took the two pieces and then sliced them each in half length-wise to yield 4 thinner tenderloins. Each then got a special marinade treatment. One went in a bag with a bunch of Bullseye BBQ sauce, which is a Texas style sauce. Another went in a bag with a bunch of Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce. A third went into my own lime ginger concoction (some white wine, lime juice, ginger, honey, garlic, salt, pepper, I think). And one remained plain.

On Wednesday, I cooked them up. Two were broiled in the oven and two were cooked in a skillet.

And here we have the results

We each had our favorite. I think the BBQ one came out as the best example of what it was meant to be, if that makes sense, so if you like BBQ, then I recommend that one. N's not a huge BBQ fan and said the ginger lime was best. B liked the plain one (with some seasonings). The Buffalo one was fun, but, well, perhaps Buffalo wings became famous and not Buffalo pork for a reason.

Strawberry Shortbiscuits

I'm still trying to use up all those berries I mentioned last week, so today I pulled out a recipe for "strawberry shortcake" from a cookbook I recently picked up with a name like New Orleans Home Cooking. Louisiana people, have you ever had strawberry shortcake in Louisiana? Because I think of it as having little spongecake type things, while this recipe basically had you create biscuits. Is that the standard in South Louisiana?

The biscuits didn't quite work for me, and that's pretty much the entire recipe other than making whipped cream and cutting up strawberries, but the whole thing looks very nice.

The finished product:


Chris Eldin said...

OOoo! I get firsties!
Just wanted to wave hello to the true paca. I miss the gang.
Over to see what trouble the troll is stirring up under the bridge.
Already saw the koala...

Ello said...

Hey Paca! I think this is a great idea! I've always wanted to look for other ideas for pork tenderloin. It can be so boring you know! But this is great!

And the strawberry shortcake looks divine!

Robin S. said...

Mmmmmmm. Those strawberry shortcake/biscuits look amazing!

I always think of shortcake as a spongy deal as well, but I like the idea of sweet biscuits here.

writtenwyrdd said...

I am not sure which regions prefer the biscuits, but I grew up with sponge cake or angel food cake and not biscuits, and while the shortbread-type biscuits can be good, there are some really foul biscuits used sometimes. I mean, like real biscuits and not sweet at all. Yuck.

Knowles said...

I'm definitely fond of strawberry shortcake made with biscuits! I'm not a fan of angel food cake but sweet biscuits are quite tasty!